Hondacare (extended) Warranty

Discussion in 'Honda' started by visajet, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Go to the dealer sales dept. not service dept. You will probably end up at the financing office so you could go there first. Either buy it online from Hyannis or use their online quote to make your dealer match it. I did that at purchase so I could finance the whole shebang at Honda’s 0.9%.
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  3. Flyboy

    Flyboy New Member

    Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.
  4. Teslawannabe

    Teslawannabe Active Member

    I'm with you. Not many dealers will be capable and we will not know which one is.
  5. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Dealers will be able to service it even if it's the first one they have ever seen. No different really than when a new model of any type comes out. They have checklists that they follow and diagrams. The difference will be that they will likely take longer because they don't see the same car everyday like Accord or the others. We often hear of dealer mechanics being in contact with Honda on problems, that can happen with other cars too but will likely happen much more often with Clarity. Also it can take a long time to get parts, sometimes weeks, because apparently not a lot of Clarity parts are stocked in U.S. warehouses they have to order from Japan. Realistically for any non-routine maintenance (basically oil changes) you may need a rental car for several days or even longer, which if it's a warranty issue is often provided at no charge.
  6. snifferpro

    snifferpro New Member

    New to the forum. Have a 2019 Honda Ridgeline bought in October 2018. Currently has 3224 miles. Interested in extended warranty but confused on when the extended warranty kicks in.

    If I purchase a D80 plan, when does the extended warranty start if I purchase today?

    Does it start in 2021 when my 3year/36000 ends, or does it start as of the original purchase date of the vehicle?

    For D80 8 years/100,000 miles when does the 8 years start, and when does it end?

    Thanks in advance.
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  8. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I got the D80 for $1,304. It’s for 8 years from time of purchase so it effectively adds 5 more years to the regular warranty. It’s in force for 8 years but the first 3 coincide with the original warranty. Waiting to buy it does not add any time or save you any money (other than time value of money considerations).

    It does add the roadside assistance to family members if they drive Hondas or Acuras. Cancelling AAA for all of us over 8 years almost pays for it.
  9. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    If you purchase prior to 6,000 miles they consider your car "new" and the warranty starts with the original purchase date of the car. So as KentuckyKen said if you get an 8 year warranty that is really only for years 4-8 for general items, and 6-8 for powertrain since the standard Honda powertrain warranty is five years.

    If you purchase after 6,000 miles the warranty starts at the time you purchase the warranty, and the maximum is five years, so assuming you still have at least a couple of years left on the standard warranty you would effectively only be insuring for years 4-5 on general items, and basically nothing on powertrain since you would still be under Honda warranty for that, and you would be uninsured after year 5. So after you have passed 6,000 miles it is better to wait until just before the 36 mile warranty expires, that way you will be insuring for years 4-8 on general and 6-8 powertrain, just like if you had purchased new warranty prior to 6,000 miles. Actually when I looked at it the cheapest overall is to wait until 36 months, the new car was slightly higher even though the coverages are for the same years. But you have no guarantee that their prices won't go up by the time you purchase two or three years from now, so it may work out about the same.
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  10. Mani Suresh

    Mani Suresh New Member

    Pardon my ignorance.. how do I generate an online quote for the honda care extended warranty? I am on their (hyannis) website but not sure where to go. Also
    1) have you all considered sentinel or sentinel plus coverage that includes oil changes and other maintenance?
    2) has any one used other road side assistance like the $100 a day for food and hotels or rental cars?

  11. Brat7705

    Brat7705 New Member
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  13. Mani Suresh

    Mani Suresh New Member

  14. Texas22Step

    Texas22Step Well-Known Member

    To reiterate @Tiraic's comment, I did purchase the D80 extended factory warranty for about $1300 from a dealer when I bought a Clarity PHEV new in June 2018. I decided to trade it in for a BEV last month, and have already received a refund check from Honda for nearly $1000 of that after the trade and my refund request. Never had occasion to use the extended warranty of course, but with the new systems in this car I did sleep better during ownership, and Honda's customer service was very prompt and without hassle.
  15. Brooke

    Brooke New Member

    The plan codes have not changed (D80=>G50 is owing to >6000 miles), neither prices much.
    From Hyannis:
    $0 Deductible Options
    Plan Code
    Years* Mileage* Rate
    G38 3 80,000 $908.00
    G30 3 100,000 $1,111.00
    G32 3 120,000 $1,285.00
    G48 4 80,000 $1,007.00
    G40 4 100,000 $1,279.00
    G42 4 120,000 $1,459.00
    G58 5 80,000 $1,053.00
    G50 5 100,000 $1,314.00
    G52 5 120,000 $1,494.00
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2021
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  16. West1

    West1 Member

    2018 no longer qualify. :( I was just told.
  17. You have to buy it while the factory warranty is in effect. Does this still apply to 2018 cars bought new in 2019, or where they thinking you bought it in 2018?
  18. West1

    West1 Member

    Hyannis said his website needed to be updated to remove 2018 from giving a quote. Perhaps you have to call.

    :( my in service date was December 2018. I’m a few weeks too late.

    i purchased the car in December 2021 as a Honda CPO and thought I could buy the Honda care before my CPO ended. Staten Island Honda did a bait and switch. Advertising the car as CPO and then only giving me a 1 year 12,000 mile Hondacare plan; only after I was ready to bolt from the deal. Crook said “oh you declined that”. No I declined the 2700$ extended warranty.

    back on topic my bank quoted me 1700$ for a 5 year 120k mile route66 warranty plan.
  19. So it's not that 2018 can't get Hondacare; it's that your 2018 was in service in December of 2018, so is out of warranty (and therefore can't get Hondacare). I don't see any exception in the rules for CPO cars in the first year--why did you think there was one?

    Similarly, when you elect for Hondacare and pick a plan (let's say 3 additional years), you can't during that period elect for a longer plan--you need to buy the plan you want during the initial warranty.

    A 2018 car that went into service in February of 2019 would still be eligible AFAIK.
  20. West1

    West1 Member

    He told me that his website needed to remove 2018 models. I looked over at another Honda Website to require a quote and they also removed 2018 from getting a quote.

    You might have to call, I also thought a warranty could be purchased within the factory warranty period.

    I’m not sure where or why I was thinking the CPO program allowed a person to buy a Hondacare program.

    I’ll most likely buy a 3rd party warranty. Though I doubt I’ll ever need it. I’ve owned 4 Hondas and only ever had one issue. A o2 sensor was faulty.
  21. sirfnahi

    sirfnahi New Member

    I don't think the battery is an issue. With the drop rate of the battery price, after few years, it will be very cheap.
  22. It's not as simple as replacing a bunch of AA batteries. While very mainstream cars (e.g., Prius) might benefit from third parties making replacement battery modules (and already benefit from people stocking repaired modules), I doubt that anyone will invest in making new packs for a limited run vehicle like the Clarity.
  23. sirfnahi

    sirfnahi New Member

    Very good point. Our trusted non-Honda mechanic & his crew isn't going to fare well dealing with the Clarity and its extensive EV & electronic systems.

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