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Discussion in 'Honda e' started by insightman, Nov 13, 2022.

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  1. insightman

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    In the BBC One/Netflix series, "Inside Man," starring Stanley Tucci and David Tennant, David Tennant's troubled family has a Honda e. I saw a headlight in one shot and knew instantly what that car was. The clever writing and plot of the tense 4-part series was unlike anything I've ever seen--I enjoyed it very much.

    A Honda driver for many decades, I sent quite a few letters to Torrance, CA (and one to Japan), begging Honda to bring the Honda e to the US. Honda's loss: I love my electric MINI Cooper SE so much that I'm glad Honda ignored me. It's too bad Honda later also ignored the designers of the great-looking Honda e--the world needs more vehicles designed by them.
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