Honda Clarity Paint Flaking off?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Eddgie, Sep 24, 2018.

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  1. Eddgie

    Eddgie Active Member

    Honda dealer said bird droppings. LOL. I don't think so. While I have seen bird droppings etch clear coat, this is a case where the paint itself has come off to the primer.

    This paint defect is on the front plastic part of the trunk lid. Since this is in a area that is not exposed to rock chips, and because it is about half an inch in size, I totally rule out this as the cause.

    The defect is completely inconsistent with clear coat damage I see from bird dropping which can sometimes etch clear coat be hardly ever completely remove the color finish, and the shape is not really consistent with bird drippings, I am inclined to rule this out too.

    Tree sap can sometimes damage cars, but generally you see it when you wash the car, and this car has never been parked under trees that produce the kind of viscous sap that I have seen damage paint, but once again, this does not look like tree sap damage to me at all.

    The car was purchased new in late July of 2018 (two months previous to posting).

    The car is parked outside and of course after years of exposure, damage to paint can occur, but this is essentially a new car.

    Honda has in the last 10 years had numerous issues with paint and I was not aware of these (and Honda's apparent avoidance of trying to satisfy customers on this issue).

    If you see paint chips developing on your Clarity, please post on the forum so we can compare.

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  3. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    The picture is so close, I can't even envision what this really looks like. Take another photo from 3 feet away.

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