Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle -- Fuel Cell Stack Recall Repair Question

Discussion in 'Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles' started by tps5352, Feb 26, 2020.

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    My 2017 Clarity FCV was just "in the shop" in Sacramento for 2 1/2 months awaiting parts from Japan and "release" (approval) from Honda Corporate for the local dealership to make the necessary repairs. (It's finally repaired now.) I've been comparing notes with a Bay-area driver going through the same experience, and found what may be a discrepancy.

    For you drivers of the Clarity fuel cell car 2017 and 2018 model-years:
    1. Has your car had this (major) recall repair? (It's paid for by Honda.)

    2. If so, did they also perform the annual service maintenance for free at the same time? (I.e., does your dash display indicator--"I" info button on the left side of the steering wheel, followed by selecting the "wrench" symbol in the center dash display behind the steering wheel to reveal the amount of time until your next annual service--now show that your next annual service date is farther out than it was when you brought the car in for the recall repair?)
    Clarity Steering Wheel.jpg

    Maintenance Information.jpg

    I'd like to confirm that I should be able to avoid the normal $350+ annual service charge, like my friend in the Bay area has apparently dodged.


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