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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ProspectiveBuyer, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. I was originally thinking of getting the ChargePoint for home charging, but then I heard that there's a potential connectivity issue with ChargePoint and the Clarity. Has anyone had success (or not) with the ChargePoint as a home charger? And are there preferable home charging brands?
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  3. AndyBA

    AndyBA New Member

  4. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    ChargePoint Home works perfect, I think issue is the car is sensitive to power variations at public, or maybe something with 208 V (instead of 240 V). Mine has never locked up. I have the ChargePoint Home and ClipperCreek HCS-40.

    Also look at JuiceBox Pro, metal enclosure and has ability to adjust current as well as monitor charging.

    Most of the EVSEs are pretty decent. I like Clipper Creek HCS-40 for its basic operation and integrated cord holding, but think I would just go with the ChargePoint Home or the JuiceBox as I really want the ability to see charge statistics over Wi-Fi. The JuiceBox doesn't have anything to hang the cord on, you can buy something like a garden hose holder. The ChargePoint Home has a very small integrated holder enough to hold 2 or 3 loops, which is fine if it is well off the floor.

    A point to add, never tightly wrap the cord, it should always hang very loosely while charging for heat dissipation (not wound around something like a hose).
  5. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I’ve has the 32 amp level2 ChargePoint for just over a month and it’s working fine. Had a WiFi issue and their tech support was fantastic. Helped me solve the problem by pulling up my charging data on line and finding out my WiFi is terribly weak in the garage. Moved the WiFi antenna and everything’s fine.
    Never have had any of the problems some have reported at public stations.
    Also, they are the only EVSE company that has a rep on this forum that I know of.
    I really like the unit because it’s very sleek, doesn’t take up much room and has built in hanger and holster for the charging cable. Also, the software to track $ and kWh is just what I wanted.
    Only nit pick is that it schedules by time not by % charge so it’s a little harder to partial charge if you want to do that.
  6. nswilliams

    nswilliams New Member

    I got 40 amp Maxx branded level 2. It worked well. I charge it in just two hours and 15 mins for my 2018 Clarity. I also have RV 50 amp outlet outside of my home and can use it for either charging the car or plugging my 5th wheel. Am very happy. No need for permanent electrical connection to charger.

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  8. LAF

    LAF Active Member

    sure you need the fast charging? Using the 110 line that comes with the car saves lots of money. Using a little gas, on rare occasions seems to me to be the advantage of a PHEV like the Clarity that gives 50 EV miles over night over an all electric car.
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  9. nswilliams

    nswilliams New Member

    I was using level 1 and it took 12 hours. Some days we had incomplete overnight charges as we go out in evening (i.e. going out for dinner) after work. Our work round trip during the day is 40 miles. With the level 2, its easy to refill. Besides, Maryland state offers 40% rebate of charging equipment and install up to $700.

    I have no regards for having level 2 charging. Time saver!
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  10. Carro con enchufe

    Carro con enchufe Active Member

    I would also check PlugShare to see if there are free chargers near where you live, shop, or work. If so, the home charger could be unnecessary
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  11. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    For safety you should install a hardwired 240 V station. They run less risk of damage to the cord (there is permanent wiring from breaker to unit), and a place to hang your charging cord meaning it is off the floor most of the time reducing damage risk.

    If you are careful with 120 V it can be used safely, but you do have to worry about outlet condition, cord condition, etc, far more than on a 240 V hardwired unit. A 240 V plug in unit is acceptable, but again more likely to damage cord and outlet (they aren't meant to be plugged/unplugged repeatedly so watch for outlet or cord wear if you do). At least the 240 V outlets are very robust. There is a real fire risk from 120 V charging cords used with bad outlets or if they are damaged. Honda seems to have mitigated this some by limiting to 10 amps (GM started with 12 and changed default to 8 to reduce fire risk).

    Plus, if you time of day meter you will have an easier time doing that with a 240 V setup as the 120 V might not charge quick enough to finish in lower rate window.

    If you don't drive a lot the occasional use cord is fine, but if you are regularly drain your range it is much better to have a 240 V. We regularly use up all our range, sometimes multiple times a day. I consider the cost as I would having outlets all over my house (even if many never get used); a necessary expense.
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  13. nswilliams

    nswilliams New Member

    Thanks for the concern.

    For my 240v charger, I am using a well proven RV 50 amp outlet (designed for outdoor) used by many campgrounds where they have fifth wheel trailers (with two AC running at same-time), RV, etc come in and go everyday. Also many trailers do have 50 amp power cord going across over wet grass and gravels even in heavy raining. The 240v charger I have has thick and heavy cable to be plugged to wall. Besides, I may plug and unplug few times in a year which is not an wearing out issue. You can google for RV 50 amp campground for their electrical experience at outdoor. Its more robust than you think.

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  14. nswilliams

    nswilliams New Member

    Also this is not to be confused with 240v dryer/stove outlet and the RV50 amp. I have outdoor RV 50 amp outlet with cover by the way.

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  15. Eagle51

    Eagle51 New Member

    I have the Chargepoint hardwired with the 25 foot cord. Works great. No issues.

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