home charging compatibility between Bolt and Volvo XC60 question

Discussion in 'General' started by ekutter, May 21, 2018.

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  1. ekutter

    ekutter Member

    I have an XC60 that came with a 240v, 16amp charger (Aerovironment TurboCord) that does about 3.6kW (max rate for the XC60 I believe). I'm about to get a bolt which comes with its own 120v J1772 charger.

    The question is, can I use the charging cable that came with my XC60 on the Bolt? I believe the Bolt can draw quite a bit more energy than the XC60. Will the cable / car properly regulate the charging rate?

    And can I use the charging cable that comes with my Bolt on the XC60?

    With the XC60, I want it to charge as quick as possible when I get home so that when taking multiple trips during the day, we still use electricity for most of the driving. Once we have the Bolt, this won't be as much an issue since most day to day driving around town will be in the Bolt. Even 7 hour full charge time with 110 will be fine.

    With the Bolt, this won't be an issue. It's rare we drive more than 40 miles a day, so even charging at 120, the Bolt will almost always be fully charged in the morning. Still would be nice to use our current 240v charger since my understanding is that charging BEV's with 240v is more efficient (less loss).
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The EVSE (i.e., charger) tells the car how many amps it can safely draw from the circuit. Our electric cars have different ways of adding current limits and scheduling.

    Bob Wilson
  4. ekutter

    ekutter Member

    Thanks for the response. If I read this correctly, it means the chargers should be interchangeable between cars and the charge rate will be appropriately limited.
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