Home charger to use in Europe?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by truthseeker, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Looking to buy a new or used Clarity and ship to Greece. Electricity in Greece is 230V and 50 MHz. Plugs are the 2-pronged type but I can get a converter for American plug. Is there a home charger that will work?
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    Hz != MHz :). Any level 2 charger will work. We say 240 V is level 2, but the usual standard is actually 230 V +10% (253 V) to -6% (216 V). 50 Hz vs 60 Hz is pretty meaningless these days; it only causes problems with cheap clocks that don't have a crystal. Just make sure any plug adapter you may use actually connects the ground. A lot of the cheap ones don't.
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    How are European 2 prong plugs wired? Is it 2 hots or 1 hot and 1 neutral? Does the European electrical code call for bonding the ground and neutral somewhere in the building (if there even is a neutral)? Does any of this matter to a North American EVSE, or is that taken care of by the converter/adapter? I know my Level 2 EVSE needs two 120V hots and and a ground to get 240V to the car.

    I will never be plugging a North American EVSE into a European outlet, so I don’t need answers to the above. I just wondered if there were more to the OP’s question than simply volts and Hz.

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