Hit a deer

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by Joules, Sep 2, 2023.

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  1. Joules

    Joules New Member

    Two actually. One hopped up and made direct contact with the windshield. The other managed to damage both front quarters, destroy the front grill, both headlights, bend the hood and push the right quarter panel into the right door damaging it.
    The surprise was the shards of glass that flew back into our faces and cover the front cab (see pics). We are fine and were not harmed.
    The windshield held against one hell of an impact, so that was good news, but we were very fortunate to not get glass in our eyes. I expected chunks of glass, but not small needles of glass flying back at us. Was this a defective windshield? 2020 ID.4 First edition.

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  3. Joules

    Joules New Member

    Also, bags did not deploy and the auto breaking did not engage.
  4. That is the important part.
    Looks like the windshield actually did a good job considering the impact, although the shards seem a bit dangerous. I too would hope for small chunks, perhaps they are laminated and not tempered which tend to break into small, rounded pieces. The type should be on a label in a corner. Curious what speed when the unfortunate collision occurred.
    When I hit one a few years back in a Leaf, the AEB nor airbags did not activate.
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  5. Joules

    Joules New Member

    Update on the iD.4: Tow truck picked up the car this morning and delivered to the USAA recommended repair shop. Got a call afterwards from the shop and they said, "We are not certified to work on Electric Vehicles..." After a call with USAA we found that there are plenty around that are certified, but USAA had to specifically call each as they had no record of who could/could not work on them. I guess it's an initial question from us owners, "Do you work on EV's?"
  6. Clonbur

    Clonbur New Member

    Similar situation. Hit a deer with my former Hyundai Kona EV. Driver air bag deployed. I was shaken up but only experienced a slight burn on my wrist; I think from the air bag resting there for a while while I caught my breath and realized what happened. Deer wrecked the front end from light to light including the hood. Insurance Adjuster caused a bit more damage forcing the crinkled hood open causing additional damage to each door. So the beloved car was totaled. I count myself as very fortunate as there were three cars coming the other way on the two lane country road and I steered (apparently instinctively) to the right and onto the shoulder.
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