"History of Trip A" software bug

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ExNASATerry, Sep 3, 2019.

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  1. ExNASATerry

    ExNASATerry New Member

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find it.

    There's a weird bug in the tablet software that displays the Trip 1, Trip 2, and Trip 3 history in miles and mpg. I assume others have noticed it, but I thought I'd check.

    After buying the car, our first "Trip A" was 1002 miles, and the tablet duly saved it with our mileage (199.9!). Our second trip was 415 miles, at a lowly 160.5 mpg, which the software also saved.

    At some point, those two saved trips had their miles reset to 622.6 and 257.8 miles in the "History of Trip A" display. A quick calculation shows that is the exact conversion from miles to km. It's as though the software thought the original mileage was actually km and converted it (by .621) into miles! (The "3rd Prev" was there when we bought the car. I suspect it was originally 57.1 miles.)

    I'm guessing this ain't gonna get fixed without a software update from Honda. (Unless there already is one??)

    Trip01.jpg Trip02.jpg
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  3. fotomoto

    fotomoto Active Member

    Good catch. Maybe the miles-km option was switched at one time? It's fairly easy to inadvertently access on the drivers display as opposed to the multi-level options menu on the centerstack.
  4. ExNASATerry

    ExNASATerry New Member

    I tried switching it over to km and back to see if that cleared it, but it didn't. We've never had it set to km. Possibly someone test driving it at the dealer might have, but it was always miles since we've owned it. I'm guessing it's happened twice, since our trips were originally displaying correctly as miles and now they aren't, yet the original mileage (Trip 3, now) hasn't changed since we got it. I'm guessing it changed also back at the dealer, but I don't know. Otherwise, it means the top two got changed, but the bottom wasn't. Weird, right?
  5. petteyg359

    petteyg359 Well-Known Member

    As long as the actual odometer isn't changing, at least it's just a minor annoyance. If the odometer ever changes that'd be a big deal worth a recall.
  6. LeCapri

    LeCapri New Member

    Is it normal for Trip A to display 199.9? This has started when I set the trip computer to reset after every full charge but I noticed that it never changes anymore. Anybody has experienced this and has the fix for it?
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  8. If you’re not using much fuel, or none at all, between recharges and trip reset, the fuel economy will read 199.9. That’s as high as it goes and it will display that number until you use enough gasoline to bring your mpg down.

    I reset A when refueling and B after charging.
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  9. ExNASATerry

    ExNASATerry New Member

    I believe that's the maximum mpg number the software will display. It's not terribly accurate, anyway. We got 185 mpg when it claimed 199.0. Basically, it means you're getting over 200 mpg.
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  10. LeCapri

    LeCapri New Member

    Agree with you. I've only been using EV for 99% of my driving since it's 30 miles round trip for me for home-work-home routine. My gas tank is still full and I charge every night when I get home. When I first have the car, Trip A was constantly recording/changing the mpg number (Trip Computer for A and B were set to manual when I got the car) but I wanted to know the mileage use and saw from one of the posts that I can set both A and B to automatic reset when charged and fueled respectively so I did and the 199.9 mpg reading is stuck. Comment from Landshark makes sense so I guess I just have to live with it although it's a bit annoying to see that on the dashboard :). Thanks.

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