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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by olympic, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. olympic

    olympic New Member

    I picked up my new Clarity Plug-in Hybrid Touring model a day ago. This is my first Honda so I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help answer or test to see if they're getting the same results in their Clarity.

    1. On the front overhead console, with the interior light switch set to OFF. Does pushing/turning on the rear map lights work for you? The front rear map lights turn on and off with pressing the button for me, but not the rear lights when the interior light switch is in the OFF position. But those rear map lights do turn on and off if the interior light switch is set to DOOR (Door activated). And when set to ON, the rear map lights are turned on and can't be turned off in this position, pressing the rear map light button just slightly makes it brighter. Can anyone confirm this is how their rear map lights operate as well? Mainly just want to know if rear map lights are supposed to not be able to be turned on, because the front ones can, if the interior light switch is set to OFF.

    2. Every time start power on my Clarity, the infotainment screen displays the usual warning/disclaimer screen for 2 seconds then it goes away on its own. I see the home screen for 0.5-1 second before it opens to my "last viewed screen". The last viewed screen only seems to work for Navigation, Audio, and Info. So if you're actual last viewed screen before powering off the Clarity was the Settings screen, the next time you power on it won't go to the Settings screen but instead Navigation or Audio. I actually don't want it to go to the last viewed screen (just want it to stay/default on the home screen). I went to the settings after thoroughly looking through the whole manual and saw there was a setting for "Remember Last Screen". You can reach this setting through Settings>System>Others>Remember Last Screen. I had the setting selected as OFF (default setting from factory) but it still takes me to my "last screen" (if it was Navigation, Audio or Info). I tried changing this setting to ON and OFF and cycled the car power in-between, but no matter what the setting doesn't seem to affect anything as in ON or OFF. When I power on the car, it never stays on the home screen (even if my last screen before powering off was the home screen), it just opens to the Navigation, audio, or info screen. Can anyone also test this and confirm this is how their car's infotainment tablet is working as well?

    3. My last question is less important, but I was just wondering if anyone knows what this little icon on the right of the SOURCE? It's there on every screen at the top. Sometimes its blinks repeatedly and other times it stays solid.
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  3. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    I just replied to your Reddit post, but I'll copy and paste it here. :)
    1. I just tested and the rear map lights work just as you described. When the interior switch is OFF, the rear lights do not turn on when the button is pushed. It makes sense when you consider that there is a distinction between interior lights and map lights. At the front, there is the rectangular interior lights, and then the circular map lights that can be operated separately via the button. It appears to me that the rear lights mirror the behavior of the rectangular interior lights in front, and aren't really "map lights", even though there is a button to turn them on manually. So the rocker switch controls the interior lights, and when the switch is off, all the interior lights remain off. But the front map lights operate independently from the interior lights.

    2. I've observed that the screen tends to start in the audio screen if that was the last screen I was on when powered off, but I'll have to observe the behavior if I'm on the Home screen when car is powered off.

    3. It sure looks like a satellite/GPS icon.
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  4. olympic

    olympic New Member

    Saw your reply on r/Clarity. Thanks Kendalf, appreciate you verifying the function for me!

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