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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by vin seeram, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. vin seeram

    vin seeram Member

    I am having a tough time choosing tint since there are not too many Clairties out there ,and so less reference pictures. I have the crimson color.

    My primary considerations are,
    1. heat rejection
    2. a little privacy . With light interior and not tint it is just too , there is probably a better word to describe this, visible.

    Based on the local availability and price range I have a narrowed it down to two films, without the windshield.
    a. Llumar ctx 30% - little bit cheaper but doesn't block as much IR.
    b. Wincos 45% - I like the lighter tint but heard this might have a blue tint.

    Any advise and pictures ,specially of the crimson, of your tint would be greatly appreciated.
  2. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    986B625E-F4EF-4722-92B5-43525B6F16D4.jpeg I’ve got the Wincos 35% VLT (darkest allowed on side glass in my area) and can report that it has no blue tint and the heat gain last summer was greatly reduced. I also put the Wincos on the windshield since it’s such a large almost horizontal piece of glass. Between it and the back glass it’s like a greenhouse. The highest VLT I could get for the windshield was 85% but it’s not noticeable and no passenger has realized it was even tinted. So far after one year it’s held up well and the Wincos warranty is honored nationwide at any participating shop.

    Two observations:
    1. Due to the extreme angle of the rear glass, the film over the defroster lines cause some horizontal lines of light to appear at night from headlights. It doesn’t bother me but might for some.
    2. Check your laws before tinting the windshield. Some area have restrictions and even bans on it. A reputable local shop should know about this.

    Bottom line for me:
    Wincos is a little pricey but well worth it for the reduced heat gain in the summer, no blisteringly hot car to get in, AC cools the car immediately, and minimal range loss.
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  3. maguzma

    maguzma New Member

    I got darkest tint (legal darkest) on the rear window then a bit lighter shade on the rear passenger windows and lighter on front driver/passenger windows. My goal on back window was to match the little factory tinted window on the trunk. It seems to look better now.
    When I went to my tint guy he quoted $99 for all windows (with lifetime warranty) but when he saw nine the price went up (I decided to the second best tint grade he offered too which raised price a bit more). I had to chuckle because I thought I had seven (at the most).
    BTW, I got the silver Clarity Touring because the color accentuated the lines on the car as well as the black trim. I really liked the green, dark grey and black Clarity colors (in that order) but the lines and external plastic trim either got lost or blended in too much so I went with silver (which is my first silver car because I hated silver cars before Clarity).
    I think that is why I opted to get the Clarity side chrome lower trim because on silver it doesn't stick out as much nor look too after market.
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  4. AnthonyW

    AnthonyW Well-Known Member

    1 You want to go with the highest heat rejection which would be ceramic. A 35% ceramic tint will reject more heat than most 5% non ceramic.

    2 Go with the lowest % tint that your local laws allow. I went with 35% ceramic on all windows except the front windshield.

    3 If you can definitely tint the front windshield. I went with 80% and it makes a world of difference. Not a single soul has ever noticed the tint on the front windshield.

    Depending on where you live ceramic will cost you between $300 to $800 bucks.

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  5. maguzma

    maguzma New Member

    That is a lot of money to tint. But since I'm leasing 300-800 is way too much I would pay for tint. Here in San Diego tint is more aesthetic than utilitarian (the tint does make a difference on the week or two of hot weather).
  6. JulianClarity

    JulianClarity Active Member

    I followed the law in CA, I have 20% in the back and 80% on the front side. I was told that it is legal to put 90% on the wind shield, but it was too late on that day, I am going to wait till I have time again to have it tinted. I paid $400 for all the glasses except the wind shield, including a 5% one inside the trunk to prevent people from peeking inside.
  7. vin seeram

    vin seeram Member

    Thanks for the responses. I think I will go with wincos 30 for the sides and the rear. With 34% VLT is should be legal in colorado , law says effective VLT should be 27%. I will skip the windshield since it is not legal and get a good sunshade.
  8. fotomoto

    fotomoto Active Member

    I'm not much help as I don't know what % this tint is as it came pre-installed by the dealer but it meets Texas legal requirements. I just thought I'd post the pic since we have the same color. FWIW
    IMG_8583 2.JPG
  9. vin seeram

    vin seeram Member

    Looks great fotomoto. Texas rule is pretty similar for the fronts , so you probably have something close to 30%. Is your tint the same all around or darker on the rear windows and the back.
  10. fotomoto

    fotomoto Active Member

    Darker on the rears/back.
  11. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    F1 Pinnacle ceramic 30% front and back. 20181027_112104.jpg 20181027_112055.jpg 20181027_112026.jpg
  12. Industrial

    Industrial New Member

    3M Color Stable, 50% front and back. I'm pretty happy with the tint, keeps the car cooler and doesn't look too blacked out.
    IMG_20190331_115432.jpg IMG_20190331_115605.jpg
  13. vin seeram

    vin seeram Member

    Thanks for the suggestions and pictures. I got the wincos 30% installed a couple of days ago. I like it so far. Install looks clean.

    I do see the lines KentuckyKen mentioned. This tesla thread has a picture showing it . It would be interesting to know if there are films, or tint %, that don't show or significantly diminishes this.

    Some pictures:
    This is exact opposite the sun. It looks the lightest in this angle.


    it looks darker from a different angle and when it is cloudy
  14. alyssai

    alyssai Member

    30% Llumar Pinnacle Ceramic all around and 50% windshield. Sunny day vs cloudy day. Keeps it cool and no visibility issues in my opinion

    SmartSelect_20190411-231345_Photos.jpeg SmartSelect_20190411-231128_Photos.jpeg SmartSelect_20190411-231243_Photos.jpeg

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