Heated Steering Wheel

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by AlanSqB, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member


    I’ve heard that the Clarity is a bit of a “Frankencar” and has the steering wheel from a CR-V. I found this and I’m wondering if it’s feasible as an option but $312 is a bit much to spend on an experiment. Since it’s a simple switch on the wheel itself for the heat and it just needs a 12v tap, it seems like it could work.

    Any thoughts? Looks like a few hours work.
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  3. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    Just took a quick look and the fuse panel seems to have the same connection point as described in the instructions.
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  4. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    Ok. I’m talking myself into this :)

    Proposed testing steps:
    1. Check fuse panel for connector (done) and access to 12v when fused as described.
    2. Confirm that non-heated steering wheel is in fact same for CR-V and Clarity via part number search for both vehicles.
    3. Order CR-V heated wheel.
    4. Test connect new wheel by connecting heater harness to fuse panel before full install. Confirm heat.
    5. Complete install as described.
    Might be fun to have the only Clarity around with a heated wheel!
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  5. loomis2

    loomis2 Well-Known Member

    If you do this I want full details. If it is easy to do I could be the second Clarity with a heated steering wheel.
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  6. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Loomis2, I’ll race you for second. This would be a great improvement for me (poor circulation).
    Glory, honors, medals, champagne, and a ticker tape parade for AlanSqB if he paves the way for this!
    Two comments:
    -do you have a link to the installation instructions?
    -I have a friend who is a Honda mechanic and is now in the parts dept. I can relay any questions that come up to him if that would help. I go to church with his parents and I’m sure he would help. I’ll probably use him for installation if this pans out.
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  8. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    This would also be a double upgrade for non Touring model folks to get a heated leather steering wheel.

    For the price I bet the you have to reuse your airbag module.

    Also, does this mean the brake regen paddles are not part of the steering wheel?
  9. JimW

    JimW Active Member

    WARNING - you have an airbag in there. I would not touch removing a steering wheel with airbag - job for the pros IMHO.
  10. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    Very detailed instructions on the link.

    There are paddles on the wheel in the picture. I think the CR-V uses them for shifting.
  11. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    Sure. We can add the disclaimer:


    Now, back to the thread ;-).
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  13. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Sorry. I got so excited that I missed the link at the top.
  14. loomis2

    loomis2 Well-Known Member

    Just saw the instructions in the link. I stopped at about Step 4. Someone else is doing this for me if I get it done.
  15. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Just had my friend at dealer parts dept. look up Clarity and Civic steering wheels and they are not the same part number. Many of the sub assemblies are though like the 2 switch panels. Doesn’t mean that this won’t work; just means it doesn’t look like it’s a 100% sure thing yet.
    I would guess (wildly) that if the gear paddles can be plugged up to the Clarity regen connection as in using the same rotating connection on base of steering column, and the rotating heat supply connection is present in the Clarity steering wheel base, then it might work.
    I’m waiting on the fearless, intrepid, and dauntless AlanSqB to try this first. Only then will I be willing to pony up and try it. Yes, I’m somewhat of a coward when it comes to money.
    Lead us into the promised land Alan!
  16. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    Not Civic, but CR-V. The Civic has a smaller wheel if I’m not mistaken.
  17. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    My bad. I’ll double check to see that my friend looked up the CR-V. Good news is that many of the subsystems for the steering wheel are common across several platforms
  18. aapitten

    aapitten Active Member

    Any updates/progress on this? I'm very interested...
  19. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    This had to go to the back burner (or warmer if you will) as I’m now preparing for a move to the PNW and conducting a job search. Hoping to get a place with a nice garage/shop for some tinkering.
  20. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    We’re all rooting for you, AlanSqB!
  21. Just bumping this in case there might be an update.
  22. LegoZ

    LegoZ Active Member

    The accord also has a heated wheel option but it does not appear to be the same wheel part number wise... We need to get honda corp to give us an answer and get a bunch of us that do want this to call and bug them
  23. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    Here is a dealer site with a great search tool for part numbers:


    I don't see any relationship between the Clarity and CR-V steering parts, but in the exploded diagrams I do note the extraordinary complexity of the "steering wheel" which has a LOT of parts. I'm not usually the proverbial "wet blanket", but besides the obvious safety (airbag), electrical (connection), and fitment issues, I'll bet messing around with the steering that much would void some aspects of warranty and could lead to some additional liability in the event of a crash.

    Maybe just a big box of hand warmers and a nice pair of driving gloves from Amazon would suffice ;)
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