Heads-Up retrofit on PHEV

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by aapitten, Oct 15, 2020.

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  1. aapitten

    aapitten Active Member

    When I bought my PHEV in 2017 it was still fairly unclear if the PHEV got the heads-up or not (and auto high-beams... and rain-sensing wipers...) I found out very quickly it didn't have any of those.

    (Despite Honda even getting it wrong on their site! https://www.insideevsforum.com/community/index.php?threads/autodimming-high-beam-headlights.679/)

    I've always wondered if it would be possible to retrofit a HUD from the Fuel Cell. I figure the obvious things that would need answered:
    1) Do the cars share the same dash? If so, perhaps the spot for the projector just has a 'plug' in it.
    2) Do the cars share the same windshield (for the reflective coating)
    3) Is the appropriate wiring in place to 'plug and play'
    4) Is the programming/ computer module in place (or easily addable) to control everything

    #1-2 are pretty easy to check by comparing part numbers, #3 may be a bit harder, but not impossible to figure out. #4 would basically be impossible to know unless you just try it.

    Curious if anyone has ever investigated this? The parts are available (though quite expensive at over $3k...) 78200-TRT-A01
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  3. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

  4. Checking out hondapartsconnection.com, it looks like all Clarity models share the same instrument panel parts (77100-TRT-A00ZA and 77103-TRT-A01), which explains why the PHEV model has the center speaker grille, even though there's nothing under it (I checked that early on when I got mine). The center speaker is an FCV-only feature, just like the HUD. I noticed though that the "meter assembly" (78100-TRW-A02) is only listed as being compatible with the PHEV version, and it's the cover piece over that assembly that would house the HUD projector and have an opening for it. I can't find that cover piece for either vehicle to be able to compare.

    I imagine that even though all 3 versions of the Clarity use the same entertainment system (which also has the on-screen controls for climate), the software is probably different for each model (even between base and touring on the PHEV since the touring also has GPS), and would probably be different for the software that drives the instrument cluster as well. That's also probably why the meter assembly is model-specific.

    So even if you could find the parts for the HUD, you probably still wouldn't be able to get them work in the PHEV because the software probably wouldn't recognize it.

    I wish it was an easy upgrade, I'd do it for sure.

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