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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Lou Reynolds, Apr 1, 2019.

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  1. Lou Reynolds

    Lou Reynolds New Member

    I am test driving a Kona this week. Love the look of the car and the good ground clearance (for an EV). But, I am having to rethink the way I haul bikes, which has been with a hitch mount rack for the past ten years.

    From what I can tell, on the roof will be the only way, IF I can find roof mount racks in the US for my Kona Limited.

    Any innovative alternatives out there for a prospective Kona owner?
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  3. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    I’m going to get bike roof racks as well. I have the roof crossbars but haven’t bought the bike attachments yet.
  4. Soona

    Soona Member

    I started two threads related to this issue. One is about getting a trailer hitch and while there isn't one approved yet, I assume it's just a matter of time. So I'm waiting (and meanwhile using our old Subaru to haul bikes with the hitch mount rack). https://www.insideevsforum.com/community/index.php?threads/installing-a-trailer-hitch.5084/

    In the meantime, you could use a rack that hangs off the back - they're not ideal but the better quality ones, like Yakima, work well. I used it on a prior car with heavy mountain bikes and it didn't damage the car, was very stable, and reasonably easy to take on and off. And you can actually operate the rear hatch with the (empty) rack still mounted. (Watch your head closing the hatch, don't forget about it < voice of experience.) Just don't get the cheap ones.

    More to your point, I did install roof racks onto my Kona EV limited, onto which one could attach bike racks if desired, and I describe it in this thread: https://www.insideevsforum.com/community/index.php?threads/roof-rails-or-racks.5120/

    They start with low-profile roof tracks (about US$300 installed) onto which towers and crossbars can be quickly attached and removed with a flip of the lever, and they are super strong (I used them for over three years on my old car, and drove highway speeds with a roof box and surfboards strapped on). Rack Attack can hook you up if there's one near you.
  5. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    You're advised to hold out for a trailer hitch. The Honda Clarity finally got a third-party trailer hitch, but it took some time before any company offered one, as detailed in discussions on this very forum.

    You can of course use a roof-top rack, but your car will take a hit to range (and energy efficiency) from the increased drag from that.

    If you can't wait, you can use a strap-on bicycle carrier on the rear as a temporary solution. But take care with that, and strap it on tight so it doesn't rub, which could mar the paint job.


  6. Soona

    Soona Member

    Pushmi-Pullyu, How do you embed photos in your post? I couldn't figure that out . . .
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  8. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    A simple copy and paste is the easiest way. You can also click on the yellow "upload a file" box on the bottom right of the post field and upload a file with that tool and use the "full image" option, which will display thusly:
  9. Soona

    Soona Member

    Here are some photos of the low-profile tracks and landing pads installed, and then the towers and crossbars showing the lever action that allows them to be attached and removed easily:

    IMG_6958.jpg IMG_6963.jpg IMG_6965.jpg
  10. Lou Reynolds

    Lou Reynolds New Member

    There is a bike hitch available for the Kona EV...not cheap but it fits very nicely. Your local dealer can order and install (even if you live in a non-ZEV state.)
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  11. Hi Lou, Can you provide any details on this, I'd rather have the bikes on the back as I know that eventually I would drive into the garage with them on.... :(
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  13. Lou Reynolds

    Lou Reynolds New Member

    Sure. Call your local Hyundai dealer and tell them that you want to have them order and install a bike tow carrier. They will remove the rear undershield, but you don’t see that anyway and I didn’t mind that being gone. It is a 1.25” receiver hitch. This is a Hyundai part installed at the dealership. There is no other option for a hitch mount bike carrier.
    Hauling on roof is too difficult. Really cramps mileage as well. Not sure of the effects of the rear hitch yet.
  14. Soona

    Soona Member

    After seeing this post I just called a Hyundai dealer in Portland, Oregon, and the parts guy said there is no Hyundai hitch for the Kona EV yet. I asked for a hitch, I didn't use the words "bike tow carrier," whatever that is). Not sure where you got your information but please share - maybe there's some confusion somewhere. Meanwhile, I'm keeping the old Subaru around just to haul bikes to the mountain bike trails (only 2 to 5 miles away, but still . . . )

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