Has Your Honda Clarity FCV Been "In the Shop" For a Long Time?

Discussion in 'Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles' started by tps5352, Feb 28, 2020.

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  1. David Yuan

    David Yuan New Member

    Congrats on your Model X!!!
    I went ahead and got a Nexo instead....so yes...hydrogen fuel for another 3 more years...I do have 3 stations near me now, Palo Alto, MV and Sunnyvale...
    I also heard honda will be crushing the clarity upon return but then they also want to schedule an inspection before the return...Im like why bother with the inspection then...
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  3. tps5352

    tps5352 Member

    I know! Bad Honda; bad.

    A Nexo? This makes us enemies now, you realize? (Ha, ha.)

    No, that is great. Three-year lease? Free fuel? HOV stickers? Any rebate from State or Feds? (I see yes to all those.)

    Take away the fueling issues, and hydrogen is still attractive to some consumers. But once range increases (above 400-500 miles) I think we'll see battery cars winning out in the coming years. The Musk strategy (first sell expensive, full-featured models to attract attention and reassure customers, then gradually release less expensive versions to the masses) may work again continuing with upcoming 2021-22 pickups and SUVs from Tesla, Rivian, Bollinger, Lordstown, Ford, GM, and others. If (and that is the question) they can sell enough electric pickups (like Cybertruck and RT-1), the battle for middle America is over. I think otherwise automotively-conservative, younger PU drivers are going to love the superior performance--provided the range is adequate. Whether or not the Cybetruck's outlandish appearance can overcome middle-America hesitation by way of its amazing range and performance, I don't know. But the Ford, GM, and Lordstown electric PU entries may take care of that problem.
  4. tps5352

    tps5352 Member

    Well, looks like we can forget Lordstown; like Nikola, Faraday Future, Fisker Automotive, Dyson (cars), and Byton it may be another example in the tradition of the "Tucker" car startup--good ideas but too many obstacles (an/or dodgy finances).

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