Has there been a dumber article written on Tesla and Musk?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 1, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member


    Point of the article seems to be to assert that there should be criminal charges against Musk. And for what? For causing fossil fuel shorts to lose money and putting the already convicted fossil fuel industry at risk? Point of the firm is to put fossil fuel under as fast as humanly possible not make money for rich non contributing sabotaging morons. Good luck with that stuff, you'd have to lock up Trump, Tilerson and Chanos first.

    Second part of the article is to accuse Musk of making all sorts of mistakes he didn't make and suggest he should be put on leash by some amateur hour, fair weather petrol shill CEO handler.

    Musk's supposed competition almost without exception couldn't handle immigration let alone manifesting true vision and having ethics and drive or even the raw intellect even remotely necessary. Most of them are the typical silver spooner dumb capitalists that surplus receipt off the backs of employees that are wage slaved, even with the spoon they are nothing but high priced prostitutes. They are the kind as Jerry Spence noted that sit atop a dead in the water rudderless ship and if it blows into calm seas and fair waters they jump up and down and try to take complete credit, but if it runs aground they bail with a golden parachute while blaming other people but are otherwise unimpeded in their next gig of uselessness.

    Then he goes on with the BS about a robot from the late 70s with the power of an Atari 2600 behind it not being able to change manufacturing much therefor something 40 years later in the time of the DWAVE shouldn't don any better. How stupid is that logic(?)- then tons of misquotes for Musk to justify saying if a Atari 2600 couldn't tech from the quantum computing era can't either- when in actuality Tesla reduced the number of steps in production to less than 1/3. Are these pathological liars ever capable of not telling a lie?

    Then he brought up the BS about Musk should be subject to a Facebook executive. Anyone seen the Rockstar riff "Life Invader" - if not just Google it. Facebook is not an ethical company, if this FB exec were worth it- a remotely viable addition to Tesla at that level then FB would be a radically more ethical company than it is- as it is its utter sht and always had been, so what has this execs impact been in reality? Her lack of ethics- and that is where you have to be to work at FaceBook kind of undermines her as a candidate as much as someone coming from one the petrol shill big 3's manufacturing ops would that person (another of their choices)- there is nothing, literally nothing the big 3 could teach Tesla at this point but there is a ton going in the other direction- Tesla will make cars the way Intel makes chips- very easy to understand- have to be a total moron not to get that but that is what this Ferris guy is- another Debord. And lets be real, that FB exec turned it down because she knew in comparison she'd be like the moon next to the sun. But they bring her up and others like her because they think she'd be unethical and they consider that crucial.

    Press thinks Elon has been slow to understand that as prostitute fake media they are loyal only to their pimps, and they hold it against him. Suspect the message has been received. Its the mark of character to not hold grudges but this is sponsored media, its job is to undermine law and goodness. Sponsored media needs to go we could simply replace it with semantic search on a serverless internet- it would be unsponsored open and ad free- we can get information the same way Tesla sells cars, we do way better without the idiocy of sponsors and supreme idiocy of a sponsored media and their sponsor filter destroying our elections. We can actually have real democracy but we must remember that a sponsored media only exists to hind and spin and lie and censor about gross inequity like petrol subsidies that convert future generations lives into profit for present criminal parasites while hollowing out services and public sector and intensifying wage slavery. Firms like Tesla exists to take the money, power and remaining tainted prestige from the fossil fuel industry. But if not Tesla, 100 others will spring up in its place just as fervent .

    Like to point out some stuff about pedo guy quagmire that isn't normally considered. Seal Team 6 was credited with killing Osama Bin Laden if we can believe the headlines. Not long after many members of that team supposedly perished in a helicopter crash, again if we can believe the headlines. Now what are the odds that a member of Seal Team 6 gets beheaded in a Tesla leading to dropping Mobil Eye, a firm in a country that is definitely on the wrong side of the petrol divide in a way that hugely negatively impacts Tesla? Seems the SEAL team already had a need to do something like witness protection. And then the beheading symbol- come one!!! And where do SEAL's often work when they get out of the Navy? For the petrol industry on platforms etc.? And so what could be strange about a very tired CEO being dragged down to Thailand in an operation where a SEAL perished with a bunch of SEALs? Was that CEO baited and then swift boated? And how odd that a Brit would be nastily talking about shoving a rocket up that CEO's arse and then the mother saying that CEO should be shot? It looks like a set up to try to create character assassination, if so, they were probably baiting Musk like crazy while he was at the apex of production hell. And then for the "funding secured-" well that seems much more likely than than not to have been the case as it was preceded by "short burn of the century" and warnings for shorts to leave and the wording could have easily meant "pending" if funding is actually secured, but Musk himself later clarified that was not the case but felt some obligation share info.

    Surely the SEAL community has to realize at some point that fighting for petrol is the opposite of honorable- if they haven't what happens when the do? Fighting for petrol may have had some meaning up to about 1950 but after that it was the opposite of the highest American ideals.

    Have to keep in mind what a set back the loss of the Mobile Eye system was, maybe only in the next few weeks, now 2 years later will there be parity with version 9 or will that need the new chip. Mobile Eye was surely hard wired purpose built stuff that was really pushing the AV stuff even two years ago with an even worse sensor set. But it was radically destructive for petrol prognostications because as Seba says the knock out is autonomous EVs e.g. mobile eye Tesla that cuts fossil fuel to nothing super quickly- great that Tesla held its market share up in the interim but you get the point. But with the Model 3 P with track mode and AV coming back petro bs is in another real crisis so they'd try to manufacture another crisis, Tesla should really investigate that stuff, they were smart last time with not letting that fed agency manipulate a crash report, need the same aggressive approach.
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I see the article differently. My work experience is finding success, there are often outsiders brought in to 'help' with the expansion. But these are often your former competitors and they are available because you are driving them out of business. In reality, they are poison pills. For example, Apple with Steve Jobs -> John Sculley -> Steve Jobs.

    The "board" decided Steve could be replaced by the former Pepsi executive. Initially it seemed OK and then we noticed the Macintosh became more and more boring. Apple had lost innovation and the worst was moving towards a Window-PC design. Steve came back just in time to bring back innovation and Apple exploded.

    Elon needs helpers but they need to be trained and promoted from within Tesla, not bring in strangers who have a chip on their shoulder because they failed to out compete Tesla. Often new employees can't believe their earlier practices were the cause of their leaving. So they come in ready to apply their past bad practices with a vengeance. Sad to say, separation is the only cure.

    Bob Wilson
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    I think what bugs me is how stupidly dismissive the article is of Musk and his contributions. Very, clearly Musk is only a part of Tesla but of and I personally tend to hate great man and great leader theories- think its about helping people find their own voice but what seems so great about Musk so far in particular beyond drive and vision is the purity of his vision and the clarity of it and the ethics behind it and the unwillingness to compromise on it. It would be like asking a general to compromise on victory in battle, its unyielding as it should and what he has demonstrated is true meekness as in velvet wrapped steal.

    And the only way to complement that from the outside would be someone with a willing Musk- maybe someone Musk wants to work with that shares the vision completely or is even more aggressive if that is possible and is a match on ethics. Its the drive and ability of a Jack Welch or Kelly Johnson or Ben Rich, maybe the later Jobs or Andy Grove? It is not any of these lightweights this reporter is trying to push because he's paid to push this tripe and be insulting. In Google something like this worked out but its not going to work for Musk- he's not a baby anymore and his ethics seem better than say Eric Schmidt's. You'd have to match personality, chemistry, ability, vision, ethics, drive and someone that wouldn't get in the way and could really contribute. Musk has some of those people around him already from early on- but this reporter/shill is at best pushing for the flavor of the meage a trois ala Google or a Roman Pro-Consul (bad) but really suggesting there should be some sort of Skulley to scuttle Tesla and Musk. If you listen to them they are always about buying time for petrol and protecting petrol profit as long as possible from tipping points and public awareness petrol un-competitiveness and how its undermining the public interest. F. them! CNBC's news articles should filtered out by a spam filter- it is spam.

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