Has anyone sold their 2022 SE?

Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by luccaluke, Dec 20, 2021.

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  1. luccaluke

    luccaluke New Member

    Hi y’all,

    Thinking about selling my 2022 SE that I got in April, but since it’s still so new there’s much price data to go off of..
    Has anyone sold there’s yet and do you recommend any platforms/websites?
    I have the iconic trim basically fully loaded & brand new, just ended up moving somewhere where I could make do without a car and wanna check out my options… I’m in CO if that helps.
    Thanks for the help y’all!
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  3. dotori

    dotori New Member

    I know this doesn’t help much but I had to sell my moms ‘22 Subaru Outback that I had bought her since she can’t drive for a while. I paid 33,300 for the car after taxes and fees in august. She only put 4k miles on it and last week I got an offer for 34k from driveway. 33750 from vroom. 33k from Carmax. I know a completely different type of car but wanted to give you an idea on prices of newish cars.
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  4. Denise C

    Denise C Active Member

    You could also reach out to mini5280 on fb to see if any mini enthusiast is interested. Mine is arriving next week otherwise I might have considered it. Good luck.
    I sold my 2017 Mini Cooper S with carvana. I thought I did pretty good with it. Good luck.

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  5. JonR

    JonR Active Member

    You will still get the federal and CO rebates so price accordingly. I wouldn't think a buyer would pay effectively more for a used car over a new one.
    Iconic MSRP is $37K - $10K rebates - depreciation. So around $25K for the car would be reasonable but you are competing with the signature trim models too. A buyer outside of CO probably would take a bit more though.
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  6. Torrey

    Torrey Active Member

    In a normal year you would expect to the tax credits taken into account, but there are numerous stories of nearly new EVs that still qualify for the federal rebate being sold to Carvana for higher than MSRP. Especially so those that are high demand and long waits from dealers. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you get $37k or higher.
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  8. LaurieS

    LaurieS Active Member

    Have you contacted the dealer to see if they want it back? I sold my 2016 MINI back to the dealer for a nice chunk of change the day I ordered the SE.
  9. luccaluke

    luccaluke New Member

    Thanks everyone, these replies are all super helpful. So far Caravana offered me 31, vroom offered 33, and driveway just offered 36! Still gonna try Carmax for a good comparison but sounds like I’m in a good spot for selling the “easy” route. Hadnt thought about contacting the dealer so might as well give that a shot too!
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  10. dotori

    dotori New Member

    36k seems great! which trim did you get and how much miles on it?
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  11. Urbanengineer

    Urbanengineer Active Member

    Wow, take that $36 offer and RUN! Your mini was a great investment and because You bought it you are eligible for that $10k tax credit if you make enough of a tax liability (obvi). Congrats!!!
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  13. Tommm

    Tommm Well-Known Member

    Circular argument to counter that. The federal tax credit does not carry forward. Use or lose it in the year the car is put into service. Not everyone can use the whole thing. on the other hand, those people arent usually shopping for a near new car.

    Some will pay a premium to have the car right now. I may take my 1,100 signature to driveway and see what i can get. Take the money, pay off the loan, go to the dealer and put my name on the wait list for another one.

    Car cost 38 plus tax so say 41, you get 10 from fed and state, and can walk away with 36. To quote Oscar Madison - Take the money, take the money!
  14. luccaluke

    luccaluke New Member

    Iconic with a few of the add ons (I forget what’s standard and what isn’t) and I only got 1,500 miles on it. That’s what made me realize I’m probably not driving it enough to warrant the second car, lol

    Took it to Carmax the other day and they offered 30.. so definitely taking that driveway deal! Really appreciate the advice friends :)
  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    You gained 1,500 miles of fun driving memories that didn't cost you very much. Please tell us if you order another SE after a few months of MINI Electric deprivation.
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