Has anyone had recnet challenges with evGo fast charging?

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by The Art of Dave, Jun 14, 2022.

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  1. The Art of Dave

    The Art of Dave New Member

    I have been to 3 different evGo stations this week to bring my SOC up from 20% and have had issues at each one. The station closest to me just would never connect with the car even when the Customer Service Rep pushed the charging sessions to the car. The next closest would not start when initiated from the EVSE but did start when the CSR pushed the session down. Unfortunately, 20 minutes into it, the station ended the session, rebooted, and landed on a Windows home screen. Hasn't been up since. Today I went to a station with multiple EVSEs and had a similar problem with the 350kw unit, which gave me a vague error 01A001. The CSR at evGo didn't know what that meant. There was also a repair tech at one of the other stations who didn't know either. I moved over to a 100kw unit and it worked but would never get above 49kw delivery. I did manage to my car up to 80% SOC but it has been painful. I always had good luck with evGo until recently. Has anyone else had similar issues?
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