Happy Waze!

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Wilbur, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. Wilbur

    Wilbur New Member

    I just hopped in into my Clarity to grab lunch and up popped Waze in Apple CarPlay. So far it works well! I’m a happy man. I love it when my car gains value for no $!!
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  3. Heino

    Heino Active Member

    I may need to try this on my next trip... haven’t used Waze a lot since Google acquired them.
  4. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    What are the advantages of Waze over Google Maps?
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  5. tdiman

    tdiman Member

    More aggressive real time routing around traffic, and perhaps most importantly crowd sourced police notifications, which is fantastic if you're in a semi major market. The crowd sourcing works great in Boston metro... I tried to use in in Lincoln, NE on a trip with very mixed results due to probably not enough Waze volume.

    I personally like the Google maps interface better though... The Waze team frequently creates minor bugs between builds. However I put up with it.

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  6. StickWare

    StickWare Active Member

    Waze is just ok. Google Maps is way better IMHO. As an Uber / Lyft driver, if I have to take a sudden turn that wasn't on the route, GM updates immediately while Waze takes 4 seconds to think about it.

    GM has satellite view which is essential for me! Waze has a lot of pointless information that I don't need to hear about (cars on side of road, police...) I know you can shut those off, but still annoying. Of course Waze is much better than Apple Maps ;)

    Also, route selection is easier on GM where it shows a map. If I remember correctly, on Waze, the routes to choose from a not on a map, just a list on bottom.
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  8. dalbeck

    dalbeck Member

    Love the police reports and speed limits posted on Waze. One problem I have is Google maps seems to find faster routes. My commute into work through Waze starts off 15 minutes longer than it should be and after I ignore the first 20 minutes of its suggested route it finally realizes I am going a faster way it didn't know of.

    I really only use it for the first 2 features. If Google maps added the speed limits and some way of reporting police I would ditch Waze instantly.
  9. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I can’t believe it. I just updated Waze, plunged in my phone to that hard to get to USB port and miracle of miracles , Car Play and Waze showed up on my center screen with a very understandable voice telling me when to turn and which exit and speed limit and hazards on the road. The map is fantastic and better than the Garmin (and I have been a Garmin fan-boy) but lacks Garmin s lane visuals. It found my destination when Garmin could not. It worked perfectly for a round trip between Lexington and Fort Thomas KY.
    If I didn’t have to plug in my phone, I’d use all the time. It was very easy to switch between apps.

    I just may have to tear up my Luddite Membershio card and quit playing around with 8088s. I think I have been drug kicking and screaming into the 21 century. Will try Google maps latter but hard to see how it could get any better
    This old analog dinosaur is feeling his oats tonight! (And I did it without any teenage tech support!)

    Oh, and thanks go out to all the wonderful posters on this forum that have saved me boatloads of money, given me so many useful ideas for accessories and modifications, and explained some of the inner workings that Honda hasn’t. I get so much out of this forum. Kudos to all!!!
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
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  10. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    Love CarPlay with Waze & Google Maps. My built in Nav serves as back-up only now. Just wished wireless Carplay was possible vs. having to plug in each time. Anyone know how to hack that into reality?
  11. 2020

    2020 Member

    I use Waze primarily for Police sightings- already pay enough in taxes. Not impressed with Waze’s routes, I think Google is much better.
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  13. dalbeck

    dalbeck Member

    Totally agree with that. I thought when Waze first came out years ago it had an option to use either Google Maps or Apple Maps data and it would just overlay their information. Not sure why they changed that, but they need to just take Google Maps again. My ride to work gives me 8 longer routes until I blow past all of them to get the correct one for a savings of 15 minutes.

    Little old but interesting find: https://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/30/testing-google-maps-vs-waze-vs-apple-maps-for-the-fourth-of-july-weekend.html
  14. Tangible

    Tangible Active Member

    Ever since the acquisition of Waze by Google they share map data, but each has its own routing system. An eventual merger of the apps is inevitable.
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  15. I have an Android Pixel and I find that the Android Auto flips on and off connecting and disconnecting somewhat randomly. I don't think it's an issue with the cable or connector. I'll have to play with it when I *don't* need the directions, since one time it flaked out and I didn't know where to go! :-(
  16. Tangible

    Tangible Active Member

    Just took my first Waze CarPlay ride. What a pleasure!

    All I need now is a voice yelling, “Take your phone, moron!” if I exit the vehicle without it. I’m not used to it being tethered, and I’ve left it behind a dozen times.
  17. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    Waze is better IMHO because of the crowd sourcing, including temporary road closures and traffic info on back roads - something you don't get on Google maps or Apple maps. If Google will simply combine both options, it would be best.

    Developers still are different groups. For example, Waze on the Clarity works without issues, but the map resolution on the 2018 Odyssey is awful, while I don't have any issues with Apple or Google maps.
  18. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    Waze works well with CarPlay so far. I've tried Google Maps and did not like it much. At first, it seems to work well with both Apple Music app and Google maps running. However, when voice instruction is active on Google Maps, it stopped the music. Waze doesn't do that, it mixed the voice instructions with music nicely.
  19. stanigu

    stanigu Member

    I find Waze interface easier on the eyes personally. Easier to navigate. Police reports come in very handy at times! Google maps satellite image is pretty cool, but other than gee-whiz factor, I find it distracting.
  20. I recall hearing people mention that they've gotten navigation instructions from Waze/Google Maps onto the driver instrument display, but that hasn't happened for me. Can anybody confirm? Is this a feature only on Android auto, not apple?
  21. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    Nope, I also don't see navigation instructions on the console instrument display from Waze via CarPlay.
  22. Omgswify

    Omgswify Member

    The navigation feature in the instrumental cluster is only for the built in Garmin Navigstion in the Touring trim. I was also bummed when it didn’t show Google Map directions, but wasn’t surprised.

    This was helpful when I wanted my Spotify to be displayed on the centre screen and directions in my instrument cluster. Now I jus have the map displayed full and randomly shuffle songs.
  23. Kathy

    Kathy New Member

    I have an iPhone X which is already updated to iOS12. I have both Waze and Google maps installed on my phone, and I have all my apps set to update every night with any new bug fixes. But I still cannot access Waze or Google maps from Carplay on my Clarity! I swiped right my Carplay screen to see all the app icons and Waze and Google maps are still not there. Is there any other step I need to take to enable them?

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