Happy new owner saying hi from MA

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by BrettB, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. BrettB

    BrettB New Member

    I've had my red Clarity almost a month now and just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum for all the great information being exchanged! Hopefully I'll have some things to contribute along the way as well.

    Like many others, I wasn't really looking at the Clarity as the reviews I'd seen had really not done it justice. My local Honda dealer convinced me to drive one and I loved it immediately; it just seemed so much nicer than everything else I'd driven. Plus it seated 3 in the back and had a trunk that was big enough to be useful, though count me among those who wish it was a hatchback. The $10k in rebates didn't hurt either, though I do wish I'd known about the Green Drive pricing in MA when negotiating. It's a phenomenal car and I'm loving driving it. I'm itching to take it somewhere on a long trip!

    I live in a suburb northwest of Boston. For what it's worth, there is a silver Clarity that parks at my office; I haven't figured out who owns it, though I'm tempted to leave them a note. I've also seen one on the highway. That's it so far. Incidentally, for those interested, the Massachusetts rebate program (MOR-EV) has a great data visualization page: https://mor-ev.org/program-statistics It's really interesting to look at the breakdown. We Honda owners are a definite minority!
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  3. Akinto

    Akinto Member

    Though we live in Toronto, we spent two weeks in Lowell and Acton this summer visiting family. I think we saw another Clarity once on Rte 27 between Chelmsford and Acton.
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  4. AaD

    AaD Member

    Interesting to see Boch's Chevy dealer high up on that list - we bought our Clarity from their Westford Honda dealership and they were totally clueless not only about the car but the rebate and tax incentives as well. We filed our paperwork the first week of June and received confirmation by the beginning of July- still waiting for the check.
  5. AaD

    AaD Member

    We've seen a few others around - a green one in Lincoln, a black stuck in traffic near Lowell, and I've passed our doppelganger in gray (sorry, modern steel metallic) driving through Carlisle a few times.

    The one time I thought I spotted another in the western Berkshires it turned out to be my wife heading to work... I was in the Jeep.
  6. BrettB

    BrettB New Member

    Interesting; I bought mine from Boch in Westford too (took delivery July 31) and my salesperson was pretty well informed - he certainly knew about the rebates and was reasonably knowledgeable about the car. He got a few details wrong, but had the gist of it down and did a good job promoting it to me. In fact, when in our later interactions I corrected a few things he'd told me, he seemed to genuinely want to learn and have the right answers for the next customer. And he really did seem to be a fan of the car, or at least pretended well!

    So maybe it comes down to which salesperson, or maybe they've done some training since; he did say he'd just recently been to a Clarity training class.
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  8. aapitten

    aapitten Active Member

    Congrats! I don't live in Boston but am in Andover frequently for work. I'll keep an eye peeled for you! (Though you won't see me since I'll have a rental out here.) Jeep Wrangler this time, kinda the 'anti-clarity.' haha
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  9. AaD

    AaD Member

    I'm glad to hear it - ours is approaching its first service and needs the software updates and A-pillar tweeter rattle fix, so I'm going to give their service department a shot. I had an appointment with a salesperson I liked that was mis-booked, so ended up with a sales guy with the personality of a wet cardboard box. All of the questions I had were between me and the car anyway, and I asked them to match the drive green price and didn't want any options or upgrades, so they might have just been grumpy. We even had to correct them on Honda's finance rate - they came back with paperwork at 1.9% and we had to direct them to Honda's own site. And of course, the car wasn't charged when we picked it up. Happy to hear that they've had some training.
  10. Nemesis

    Nemesis Active Member

    Funny and related story for you BrettB. I'm also from Massachusetts and work close to the Boston area. Listen, I work with a guy named BrettB and I park my silver clarity at the office near Boston on occasion. Yesterday, I sent the BrettB in my office a note to say, I'm the guy with the silver Clarity. Well you know how this ended, and yes he was like what is a Charity but what a coincidence lol. BrettB in my office loves hybrid cars as we talked about them in the past but I had not told him about my Clarity. With that said, congratulations on a great choice and wishing you many trouble free years of gas savings and service from your Clarity.
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