GT worth $5,500 more?

Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by kelmac, Jul 28, 2018.

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  1. kelmac

    kelmac New Member

    We don't care about the sunroof, or the fancy radio. The multi-camera system would be worth more if it was active in traffic, not just when backing up (although it does show what's on either side of you and the back up camera has the bendy trajectory lines that aren't included with the SEL back up camer view). I don't know if the LED headlights are that big a deal.

    I do really like the two household type "3 prong" outlets, one in the cargo area and one in the back seat.

    I'd appreciate any feedback.
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  3. tai626

    tai626 New Member

    I had a similar question and I bought SEL.
    About the inverter: A Honda generator is only $800.
    About the LED: Just tonight, my wife asked: why the Headlight is not LED? I can change to LED any time.

    Now, about FCM (Forward Collision Mistigation): it is the only feature that I hope I will never regret to choose not to have it just to save $5500...



    I just had the exact same questions and we went back and forth...there is really no visual difference..the rims are even the same!
    i went with a SEL Black/Brown interior this past Friday and traded in a 2017 VOLT LT.
  5. Dantmoby

    Dantmoby New Member

    Purchased my PHEV two weeks ago, and wrestled with the same question. At the end of the day, I just couldn't justify the extra 5.5k. The SEL is very well equipped, and the added features of the GT were 'nice to haves', but not worth the 20% price increase. My two cents.

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