Green Grille Light

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Boston Charger, May 7, 2020.

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  1. Boston Charger

    Boston Charger New Member

    Anyone tell me what the green light behind the front grille indicates? Can't seem to find any reference in brochures. TAI.
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  3. It indicates that the high voltage battery is in use. Either remote start up with preconditioning (heating/cooling) or the charging of the 12V battery.
  4. Boston Charger

    Boston Charger New Member

    Thank you. So...does indicate a problem? I'm getting it when the car is totally off. Gear shift light is on also.
  5. Just ignore the freakin thing. It's one of the weirder features on the Kona. I suspect Hyundai's lawyers insisted on it to justify their existence, in case you suddenly decide to disassemble the orange wiring under the hood while charging.
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  6. Everything is just fine. It only indicates that it is charging the 12V battery.

    It also comes on when you use the remote start to heat up the car or get the AC going remotely.
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  8. Soona

    Soona Member

    Mine was on today - a white light in the grill and also inside the charging port, the square surround light that is green when charging was white. I was not charging and I don’t know what remote start up is. The car was off. So I have. No idea why the HV battery was “in use.”
  9. The HV battery was in use because it was charging the 12V battery.
  10. Genevamech

    Genevamech Active Member

    The vehicle should enable the HV battery every few hours (four hour intervals, I think?) to make sure the 12V accessory battery stays healthy and topped off. This was part of a recall earlier this year, after a number of vehicles could not be turned on because the accessory battery died. The recall updated the software to tweak the charging algorithm and increase how often it happens.

    As for the white light at the charging port, it might just be because the charge port door was open when the 12V system powered up.
  11. I am assuming if it was not charging but you saw the white charge port light you likely had the charge door port open , then that is normal when the Hyundai badge green light is on indicating the the DC to DC converter is actively charging your 12V battery from the traction battery.
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  13. mikeselectricstuff

    mikeselectricstuff Active Member

    When the green/yellow light is on, the charge port ring also lights yellow
  14. Soona

    Soona Member

    Thanks everyone. And no, I haven't had a chance to do the recall work. Guess i should get on it.

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