Granny charging bad??

Discussion in 'General' started by R P, Nov 8, 2019.

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  3. R P

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    Yeah, definitely contrary to popular wisdom...
  4. gooki

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    I think the warranty exclusion is due to a grounding issue, not related to battery chemistry.
  5. R P

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    Why do you say that? Renault says the slow charger may damage their batteries, no mention of a grounding issue. Instead they recommend their charger which they say charges 3X faster. Just doesn't make sense to me.
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  6. gooki

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    Zoe refuses to charge if there's too much resistance on the ground connection.

    I expect Renault got sick of people claiming their Zoe was faulty when it refused to charge, so made this condition to get around it.
  7. R P

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    Yeah, but there is no mention or hint of a ground issue in their statement, just about battery warranties. Why would a ground on a portable EVSE be different than on a hard wired wall charger? And they did reference battery damage, not charging. Also highlighted that their chargers are 3X faster than the portable ones.

    Problem is that Renault is giving no real explanation for this problem. Either they just want to sell more of their own chargers, or have an excuse to deny warranties for their batteries. Does not give much confidence in their cars, or help sell them.
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  8. KiwiME

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    Transport Evolved vblog has a take on it.

    I plan on using the 230V 8 amp trickle charger exclusively from now on and have added a 25m 1.5mm2 extension cord for good measure.
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  9. gooki

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    I think it’s both.

    By mandating a wall charger, they can spec a minimum ground resistance the electrician is to check for during installation.
  10. colin adam

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    yeah i see your right
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    Tesla has no such limit. Share this with Nissan Australia and media.

    Bob Wilson
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