Grand Unified Theory of US Financial Fraud: Petrol

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    What is at the heart of the US kleptocracy?

    Home Loans
    VARs Greenspan was pushing linked to collapse TARP and finally to petrol Derivatives (which make up almost all derivatives) then later issues like Wells Fargo taking on more derivatives and engaging in the account duplication scam were predictable. Prices on homes again are hugely inflated and rates of repayment way down in terms of amounts actually going to principle as attempting to own a home becomes an exercise in renting.

    Credit Card Debt
    Under Bush the petrol president, usury laws were gutted and personal bankruptcy made much harder. The idea was to get people in debt and not let them out so that socialization of petrol losses would have a captive audience.

    Insurance Industry
    Health insurance and Life insurance and Auto insurance premiums way up pay out way down or in essence we get constant outrageous increases from these industries but less and less for each dollar spent. These companies are using their markets to invest (that is hedge and prop up toxic petrol liabilities) and socialize the costs in higher premiums.

    Education Finance
    Student Loan Debt this was unheard of before and make no sense just like the case with health care or health insurance- the issue here is not a matter of better education or better health care. Its the same banks made to carry the petrol junk including the truly toxic petrol derivatives.

    Public Pensions
    Actual contributions increasing but payouts decreasing and continued existence threatened. These are assets that people paid on and would have been better as pay-as-you go relative to the current situation, but if you look at these most of them are leveraged to 50% or so with junk petrol assets. Ask yourself why it is supposedly so difficult for pension funds to divest and why when it happens some petrol assets in the media are said to become stranded (laughable because all petrol is totally stranded without massive direct state subsides)

    Wages are falling and debt is up for control and in part because tax dollars are not providing the return because services are being hollowed out by petrol- spending more on propping up petro for a long time then on defense and trying to call it defense. At the same time doing things that raise the price per barrel of oil radically in another useless totally destructive petrol bailout- nothing especially including protecting the rich from deflation would justify this. Corporate taxes yield increasingly less services because of the cost petrol fraud prop up putting even more pressure on wages.

    Huge Increases in Fee for Service Government
    This amounts to the public at least making double payments on what it already paid for. Increasingly we have to pay the full tax for the blanket of services but that goes to the petrol scam and then still have to pay a fee for actual services.

    Wall Street
    A huge amount of the Wall Street money is going to hedge and prop up both financial assets or paper and claimed petrol assets that are simply garbage of the worst sort and where the regular, continuing and increasing losses are socialized through the hollowing out of every aspect of the financial sector and public sector. Ask you self if you think the idea that 75% of petrol assets having to stay in the ground for warming purposes has an origin beyond warming concerns. What is likely going on there is that is the minimum estimate of how much pure loss generating junk the average petrol concern has on the books.
    There is no way to remediate petrol economically it has ultra low economic efficiency of 13% historically and no technology can fix it, it is catabolic and cannibalistic at ever increasing rates. It can never compete against a green economy. It is the reason for US tariffs and it is the primary reason China has now passed the US as core economic power. Most of the US economy has become fraudulent over petrol.

    Public Finance
    Note when what is characterized as US debt started really accruing- this was when the US went to the petrol dollar system- it was there prior to some extent but it started to pile on. Part of this game is avoiding taxing the rich to just borrow and make other's pay it off but surely a lot of pressure there was still having to carry the huge recent 1.3 trillion in direct state subsidies per year to prop up the petrol industry. Some will say this helps provide inflation sheltering but we didn't need this pay out in the first place over the last 5 decades and we could have done steady state. Think about what the phony petrol bailout wars add to this cost.

    The US has converted its entire system of finance to socialize the costs of fraudulent petrol scam. Its funny that there is this sentiment that the petrol supply side must be compensated for unnecessarily incurred debt to protect its scam and scam profits. Look at the scam projections from discredited sources like BNEF that say that 50% of energy by 2050 will still be petrol based and that it will still be grid based, suggesting fully in place petrol enclosure 27 years from now all about not causing any financial loss for these rent seeking enemies of the public interest. No, them incurring total financial loss is the most important thing. Soon China will have a much higher standard of living than the US and way more than this being due to the US supposedly being built out this will be due to petrol idiocy.

    It is all part of the religion of slavery. Get wages down and get debt up to get control. It is as old as Christ supposedly flipping over the money changer's tables- the act which supposedly got him crucified as he was pissed that the law of forgiving the poor their bs debts every so often hadn't been followed. Petrol is slavery.
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    And with so much going to cumulative ever increasing tribute style bailouts to petrol that hollow out the economy and foist petrol slavery
    it is no wonder that at the top where people have a hard enough time making a contribution and have guilt over non contribution that some especially on the left wouldn't want to pay taxes and would seek cuts knowing that it will go to support this utter criminality. Also may shed light on the recognition that the US allows about a trillion a year in laundering under its nose as possibly just another tributary of the petrol scam.

    And you can see why Republicans kept getting so upset about trying to fix the fraud they set up in the health care system and Obama Care. They want to make sure you can't access an emergency room unless most of the money is going to prop up the petrol scam.

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