Got an XC 40 Recharge Yesterday!

Discussion in 'XC40 Recharge' started by John Lilly, Jan 1, 2021.

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  1. SkyShotEV

    SkyShotEV New Member

    I guess a rolling beta is better than a parked one, time for the code writers and mgt to get adjustments approved. How has the relationship with Volvo support been are they still consistently sticking with you? Seems as though the P2 is having a few issues as well. Your XC40 is still a pretty one, I drove by one in a parking lot past Friday.

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  3. Rav

    Rav Member

    Hi John Lilly, checking in for an update...Are you still happy with your purchase?

    I'm currently driving a Clarity Plug In Hybrid (hate Honda) and my choices are either Volvo or Tesla. The problem is I don't trust either one of these companies vehicle reliability.
  4. John Kim

    John Kim Member

    XC40 Recharge is a piece of junk, problems after problems, I sold mine after 3 months. During the 3 months ownership, 23 days in the dealership for repairs, stay away from Volvo.
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  5. Rav

    Rav Member

    Hi John Kim, I am trying to determine if this is typical Volvo quality or if your experience was an anomaly. Did you own Volvo vehicles before or was this your first?
  6. John Kim

    John Kim Member

    You should go read about Volvo brand, US NEWS has reliability rating for cars brand and Volvo is consistently at the bottom tier. You shouldn’t never own a Volvo without extended warranty. And there are other people with similar experience with XC40 recharge. XC40 Recharge is a piece of junk.
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  8. John Lilly

    John Lilly Member

    My experience has been different from John Kim’s, thankfully.

    Love the car. Frustrated that there’s no Sirius/XM or CarPlay yet. I traded a 2018 Clarity for the XC40 and have not looked back.

    The first car I had (bought 31 Dec last year) had lots of problems, and the dealer did a $0 trade the end of May. This car’s been great. Hope the experience continues.

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  9. Rav

    Rav Member

    Appreciate the update. Glad to hear things have been OK so far. I don't care for Sirius/XM or CarPlay, so that's not important. Test driving this car soon so we'll see how that goes.

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