Got an invitation from Ford today to order XLT or Pro

Discussion in 'F-150 Lightning' started by Fastnf, Aug 11, 2022.

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  1. Called my dealer to order but they don't have pricing yet for the 2023 builds. So waiting on dealer so that I can place an order. Right now I am thinking an Atlas Blue Standard Range XLT with 9.6 kw propower.
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  3. dGarry48

    dGarry48 Member

    That's exciting! Good luck
  4. Decided to go with the Pro standard range Iconic Silver no options. I would have gone with the XLT but it didn't come with ACC with out adding an additional $20 grand to the price, while the base pro pro did have ACC with out adding options. Go figure? I would have liked the 8 way seats but again not for an extra $20k. I thought about getting the 9.6kw on board power but decided I really didn't need it. I am in the process of installing solar with back up batteries at my new place so I don't need it for that. I also have a setup for my Kona to power an inverter that I could use on the lightning as well. So between the 2.4 on board the 20 k back up and the 1kw from the Kona I think I am set in the back up battery department.

    Now All I need to do is wait a year to get it:eek:. Won't be delivered until autumn 2023
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  5. dGarry48

    dGarry48 Member

    That's a long waiting game! Congrats in advance
  6. Yep it is a long wait. I have an old 1993 f 250 that I have owned for many years which the lightning will replace so it is not imperative that I have it now. I have many other project keeping me busy for the next year so I am sure it will go by fast. Who knows may be the supply chains will loosen up and I will get it sooner. That would be nice. I am just happy to be able to get one at all.
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