Good time to buy used Bolt?

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Daniel99, Sep 8, 2021.

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  1. Daniel99

    Daniel99 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    While I've been following Inside EVs for years, I am only just now joining the forums.

    With the Bolt recall going on, I'm curious whether now is a good time to buy a used Bolt. My thinking is, I could get a good price as the fires have surely spooked a few potential buyers leading to potentially lower prices. Plus, I will be getting a brand new battery despite the car likely being priced lower due to its high mileage.

    Is this a good way of looking at the issue? Do any current Bolt owners have any advice to add?
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  3. And used Konas are in the same boat...
  4. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    Dealers likely won't sell you a Bolt EV that needs a new battery. Once they all have new batteries they will be pretty wonderful good deals, especially the older ones with the same range as the newer ones. These cars are so low maintenance, so much fun to drive that its all profit to own one.
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  5. TonyInGA

    TonyInGA Member

    Welcome to the Forum.

    As @rgmichel wrote,
    so, until the Battery issue is fixed (strange, that 2 days ago, I read somewhere, by the end of November; now, it's the middle of October), the only way to buy one, would be through a Private Sale.

    And, most likely, you would have to get an older model; say 2017-2018.

    Just to let ya know, that if I were to sell my 2020, I wouldn't take less than $30K for it.

    I totally agree with ya on the first part.

    But, totally disagree that it's, "so much fun to drive". In addition to fluctuations in my mileage on the GoM (on 3 occasions, it dropped 20 to 50 miles after next morning Turn On; and, 3 times, it rose up to 43 miles; luckily, it was still under 90% SoC), the seat comfort sucks (2020 Premiere; even with a seat cushion, it ain't great), going over some bumps (such as into a driveway, or speed bump), the jarring practically loosens my fillings; and, when sitting still in the left turn lane, traffic whizzing by, buffets me something fierce (1st time it happened, I thought there was an earthquake).

    But, like a-holes, this is my opinion, and everyone has one. :D
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  6. Agzand

    Agzand Active Member

    It is not a good time to buy a used anything. But I think in a few months it might be a good time to buy a new Bolt.
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  8. Colorado Bolt

    Colorado Bolt New Member

    I would not hesitate to buy another used Bolt. I bought mine from carvana just before recall came out. I still see them for sale on their app. Although they disappear as quickly as they pop up for sale. Basically you will get a brand new car when you get your new battery installed.
    BTW carvana is nothing but the best way to buy a used car. Comes with warranty and the price you pay includes all the title transfer fees and registration fees. You don’t dicker in a dealership for endless hours then get stuck paying the fees to register car and hassle at DMV. Got my title and plates mailed to me with plenty of time to spare on the temp tag car came with. Just my opinion here.
  9. Like the OP, I am considering a used Bolt. If I do a search on Carvana, there are a few used Bolts pictured for sale. If you want to look at the pictures of a particular Bolt you get a pop-up screen that says, "Stop-sale recall" and that the car is no longer for sale. Assume this means Carvana has used Bolts in inventory that they are not currently selling.
  10. Colorado Bolt

    Colorado Bolt New Member

    I had not actually selected a vehicle to see if it was available for purchase on carvana as I already bought one. I do see the inventory changes so I assumed people were buying them. Sorry if I misinformed you. I am quite sure once they get the recall straight they would be available for sale again. Again I apologize for misinformation.

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