GM's 'profit' is a total Joke

Discussion in 'Chevrolet' started by 101101, Feb 11, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Its time America woke up to the reality of its business sector. Its almost impossible to find a firm that isn't a total welfare case where what it tries to pass off as profit amounts to anything other than a welfare transfer payment the same as the cash aid or TANF given to the poor. This is nothing new, but America's so called private sector is welfare through and through. But some of these firms are ultra premium welfare recipients and GM is among that contingent.

    As we know GM is part of the petrol retail sector. And we know the underlying fundamentals of petrol have been pure welfare from the start. So for instance petrol fuel energy has never been revenue positive let alone profitable which was evident as far back as the 50s but year after year claims its phony profits and its by extension phony dividends and despite being more than 100% subsidized still incurs massive economy destabilizing debt (due to corruption and ultra low physical-economic efficiency) such that its 1% of global product in revenues routinely destabilizes or crashes the rest of the global economy requiring camouflaged bailouts in the form of wars and austerity. You'd have to go to the defense dept to find bigger welfare cases.

    So what has to be understood from this is these firms are so dependent on the government tit that they are essentially government run. Its the techno bureaucrats that run them by extension and implication. Behind the welfare state is a pile of government economists and academic type sociologists and psychologists. Above them in theory is a bunch of fly by night dis-empowered sponsored prostitutes we call politicians that are paid to do hand waiving but are essentially locked out from the technocratic culture that drives the welfare ship.

    Take Walmart, gov subsidizes half of its labor costs with cash aid. And then more than half of its customers are cash aid recipients where the government uses them as a proxy to hand cash to Walmart. Literally half of full time working people in America receive cash aid to keep them over the poverty line which on a per person basis is based on the very low per capita global purchasing parity price. Its like we already have a GAI but its based on shaming and harassing people and making them feel inferior and creating stress induced illness.

    Now take GM. Aside from its own direct sucking its a firm that sucks the tit of a industry that sucks the government tit, an industry that is subsidized to 150% of its revenues (oh yes its not the little 9 billion or other BS numbers they float around- its the ultimate loser industry.) And even then it regularly goes bankrupt (media doesn't call it this its phony stranded asset books don't honestly reflect this) and has to be bailed out by who else but its government master. But when a firm like GM does claim profit it will come from doing something stupid like stealing the pension funds from accounts the employees funded and then claiming that was a 'savings' to trigger bonuses (bribery) for its window dressing fair weather executives- with the excuse that the rich and gluttony could not afford these retirements- colluded with the useless fortune 500 or 1000 CEOs to do this. It has execs that say things like "building a car is an inefficient use of capital"- as opposed to what (?) an inefficient use of corporate cash aid. Or do something even more stupid like buy back its own shares to enrich its non contributing parasite investors. When it did go bankrupt it blamed its problems on paying it employees too much when the only people over paid were its executives. The profit it really gets, its only real contribution (its 'jobs' are just cash aid) comes from its role in tech suppression- tech suppression is a technology. It suppresses tech the way it builds cars to fail convincingly on schedule. It fails convincingly with actual better approaches to tech to keep its government based welfare toll road going. It does this especially with tech that would upset the toll road cutting cords.

    You almost don't want these firms to be able to claim their phony profits made out of government cash aid. They almost never do truly productive things with such excesses, you'd only want them to have enough to cover capex and cost of living for employees etc. Its a horror when they pay dividends to useless rent seekers as that is a pure pass through transfer payment. They are welfare through and through.

    Now when a truly constructive firm like Telsa comes by they claim bitterly that the firm isn't cash aid or welfare transfer payment oriented enough,, i.e., welfare for the rich Romney calling Tesla a loser. People just have to understand that its welfare through and through top, middle and bottom right, left and center. This has a long history going back to early Greek Democracy where it was found as they went less tribal they had to tax one brother and give it to the other and vice versa just to stir up enough discourse to hold Greek society together otherwise people would go off and dissociate- commerce was literally a matter of keeping people in touch with their neighbors enough to say they had a society.

    continued in next post
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member


    This really shows we could cut the welfare to the petrol industry including laggard firms like GM overnight, replacing it almost instantly and completely with contributing vice drag inducing clean green firms and tech with little consequence- that crap after all has been paid off long ago many times over and if there is one thing that is true is the rich are absolutely not entitled to any form of welfare even if you want to keep it universal to spare it- anything else is tribute. Just to address the real risks of climate change we should be doing this transition and doing it to reduce work week and increase standard of living for a tired out populace that has lost social mobility. We shouldn't be subsidizing total loser industries like natural gas and coal with tariffs on Solar. Gov picks winners and losers all the time when it pays loser petrol and loser GM's their cash aid payments- it just these losers don't want actual winners picked. Government should be picking survivable hardening tech and companies and get us out of the 1800s on energy.

    Also what a joke- the job providers- government has been the only real employer for the last 50 years, it may be called something else but its just an extension one step removed for groups that are totally dependent on government support and guidance. Might have been different prior to the post capitalist age which began about 50 years ago. Ask your self why and how the Soviet Union was able to peacefully dissolve?
    It was easy, it had see through to the end of Capitalism. Keynes said when the economic problem was solved by tech the gig would be up on capital and capitalism. That happened in 1970 as recognized at that time by economists on both the left and the right. The Soviet Union saw at that time that capitalism was dead and peacefully dissolved 20 years later- it was a natural consequence. Think- what was the chief complaint leveled at the Soviets- that they had a totally planned centralized economy. That is what the US has had since 1970 when the technocrats took over. When the US ridiculed Japan's rigged stock market in the 90 do we really think the US stock market is any less rigged now? Its rigged with overlapping mutual funds that end up investing in the same firms due to their size and rigged with tax code that forces investment in them in the first place and its probably rigged electronically- as rigged as Japans was/is- explain the performance of Robert Mercer's investment group without rigging of some substantial sort.

    What is the key feature of such a economy. In part its the propaedeutic function its means society is kept at a level some where between preschool and 3rd grade- that early template pervades people's lives- the teacher is the employer or gov proxy- they don't want kid or adults skipping the cubicles. Its all about only selecting tech that strengthens the cords and doesn't cut them for control. Nothing new here. Christ supposedly was flipping the money changer tables because they had a law saying under the Jubilee the rich would forgive the poor their debts every 10 or so years but it had been 40 years. The rich were trying to use money induced scarcity (debt technology) to control other people. Christ was assassinated apparently for his activism against this kind of slavery. General Kelly was saying recently the civil war could have been avoided if people would have compromised on slavery (or recognized a right by some people (rich) to exploit other people) he was saying that because he knows that is what petrol fuel energy will need to say around (civil rights struggle 2.0) just as Rex Tillerson was willing to propose the rich welfare recipient anathema of a carbon tax (think no BS capital flight/strike threats- no Cayman islands, no hostage taking on pensions or the safety net) in exchange for being able to fund social security with that carbon tax. Why?! He was trying to fund pure cancerous right side bulsht welfare (petrol) by attempting to tie it to or ransom the legitimate stuff, trying to bargain a safety net for exploitation itself for the actual safety net.

    You can be sure someone is more or less unaware of these kinds of issues if they intentionally buy GM cars or think its possible to really invest in GM or see it as other than a welfare case (again who bailed it out?)- was it strange Romney didn't want to bail it out- "as not an efficient use of capital" for a liquidator con?

    So think about the social utility of profit- it applies in the case of Tesla it simply does not in t he case of dishonest recalcitrant petrol retail arm GM. What part of State Monopoly Capitalism did we think would actually survive capitalism? The state monopoly part is what did survive. Do we think a reality show TV host who lies about his wealth and whose business was vice or something close is running this thing? Who kept Obama from being able to select a final SC justice? Is it going to matter- will the court stay relevant? Population is about fed up with welfare for the rich and GM and its pathetic 'profit' claims of profit are about nothing else.
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    Awesome speech.... Tnks for sharing this

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  5. 101101

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    Thank you. Yes it is welfare all the way up and all the way down through and through left and right all through the developed world. Suspect it goes back to the early Greek state where it was realized that it was necessary to tax one brother and give to the other brother just to get people to talk enough to hold Greek identity together. So outside of heredity (women) tax (what props a currency up) is what stirs the pot to hold society together so it is the other glue. It is in essence a technology of control but it implies a suppression of the cord cutting side of tech that economists tend to hang hopes on publicly. Suspect this totally planned top down centralized arrangement became glaringly obvious even in the deluded West when a mere 40 years after Keynes said the economic problem would be solved and kill capital it was discovered that it was already a pure welfare state in the form that the West would criticize the Soviet Union over. Guessing this is why the USSR could go peacefully into the night a mere 20 years later after this discovery. But we can do a Welfare state like in Tony Judt's "Ill Fares the land" or the golden decades Scandinavia or like the bad old Southern days in the US.
  6. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

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  8. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    It is very interesting as it lets slip some truth it seems.

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