GM's N. America President dodges how many of the 20 EVs 2023 are coming to the US question

Discussion in 'Chevrolet' started by God, Jun 27, 2018.

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  1. God

    God Member

    Not a huge surprise but we were all hoping they would show a little bit of their hand...He did mention there will be range improvements which by no means is a slam dunk as EV adoption...I personally hope they consider offering at least two sizes of batteries per model which would be a win-win for everyone...

    "GM has announced an aggressive rollout of 20 full-electric or fuel cell vehicles globally by 2023. How many should we expect in the U.S.?

    We're obviously on record that we believe in a zero-zero-zero [crashes-emissions-congestion] future. And so that commitment is obviously going to mean that you're going to start to see additions to our portfolio. We'll actually be making some announcements in the not-too-distant future and showing you some enhancements to the range and that will continue.

    Does that mean we will see new types of vehicles and categories like Ford has promised?

    Again, when you listen to our customers, there's a lot of people that have made the move to crossovers and love it and are not coming back. You know, there are those people. ... But there's also those people out there that don't want to drive a crossover.

    To your point, we have to reimagine, "What is the car of the future and what could that possibly be?" And so that's the way that we're thinking about these things, rather than, "We're out of this and then we're moving over here." Things evolve."
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Fuel cells... hope Trump and Republi-cons gets pushed out in a way that allows us to have a new election like the EU countries do so we have a hope of someone that will push to break up lying companies like GM that talk about fuel cells (greater emissions and higher petrol profit instead of banning it and more slavery.) These entities like GM are not yet thought of by the public as fully criminal entities but they will be thought of that way historically.
    There will be as much ignominy attached to the GM and Ford and Chrysler brands as there was to Bayer. I'd rather see all Chinese brands in the US than these historical (GM lead in the gas) perps allowed to continue to undermine the public interest. I'd like to see all profit at the big 3 on ICE vehicles taxed away immediately and that would be as easy as cutting petrol subsides, but I'd like to see both, no subsides and not profit on ICE not now and not ever again. Really they should be paying debt going backwards to 2008 (in GM's case in particular) because that is when we should have turned the corner. Enough criminality and corruption.

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