GM should provide Ultium as replacement fix

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by O. Howard Blake, Sep 17, 2021.

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  1. O. Howard Blake

    O. Howard Blake New Member

    In order to restore confidence in GM EV products, Bolt owners should have batteries replaced with GM's new Ultium batteries. The inconvenience we are having to bear plus the fear of fire we are having to endure surely deserves this fix by GM. Tell me I'm right or wrong.
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  3. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    We just posted about this idea this morning. There's a lot to like about the idea, though they'd probably have to design a new battery pack for Bolt, which would take time (and, of course, money). On the plus side, it could salvage good will and give people cars with better range (because cells are more energy dense - lighter car, more range). Probably faster charging too.
  4. rgmichel

    rgmichel Active Member

    Dream on...
  5. Greenlineguy

    Greenlineguy New Member

    Yes I totally agree! I also believe that it's not just the batteries the problem may also lie in the charging system itself. If they were to replace the whole system with at least a 100 KW charging system, that would say a lot for GM toward redemption. But on the real side I know they would never do it because they didn't do it on their 2022 models because GM loves to use old technology in new vehicles. One in particular is my 2014 Chevrolet Corvette in which they used 2G technology for OnStar when they already had three and 4G out for years!
  6. Yankeewc

    Yankeewc New Member

    GM has touted their battery packs as being quite versatile. Why can't they pull this off....
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  8. DGk

    DGk New Member

  9. Loaddown

    Loaddown New Member

  10. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Not a public service, but they have a PR disaster on their hands right now, and every week the news seems to get worse. By switching batteries, they might actually manage to dig themselves out of this mess.
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  11. Greenlineguy

    Greenlineguy New Member

    I absolutely agree with you! And I also have a feeling it's not just the batteries that are the problem I believe it's also in the charging system itself, since the problems seem to occur during AC charging not DC charging something may be going on inside of the inverter maybe a grounding issue because you can't mix AC and DC grounding!
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  13. Dimichan

    Dimichan New Member

    It would depend on if there was a reasonable was to do a mount and wiring retrofit to use the battery. Not sure how different the systems it powers are connected and routed vs the LG batteries, but depending, it could be a solution, or it could potentially involve more man hours to come up with a safe design to integrate it at all, not even touching what the fitting would cost.

    It could well be that it would take even longer to engineer a solution with a battery it wasn't designed to use. And that wouldn't help us, the consumer, or them, the company.

    Can you imagine the fallout if they tried it and it caused even more issues, or they had to put out a timeframe of years to get all the parts needed into an assembly line process, and train everyone involved on how to make the changes correctly?

    If it's an easy solution, believe me, I'm all for it. But playing the conservative devils advocate, something tells me it might just not be that efficient or easy.
  14. Greenlineguy

    Greenlineguy New Member

    With my little experience working with AC and DC inverters I have a feeling that what they're telling us about two problems with the batteries is not all that's going on! I believe the problem is much larger than that and may involve having to replace or repair the entire charging system and batteries! There may be something in the AC/DC conversion process that helps start the battery problem maybe some grounding isolation problem from AC to DC grounding ! And it has something to do with the inverter itself that's why these electric cars can't share batteries unless they're exactly the same it seems the charging system is designed to run with the battery that it is made for! Going forward each company needs to standardize their battery technology so they can be swapped from one vehicle to another!
  15. Don't believe gm will care to begin operating as a non-profit .
    You are not wrong but IMO every EV2 in the universe can be repurchased and crushed and a new nameplate replacement sold before gm hands out free Ultiums
  16. June Barton

    June Barton New Member

    I like the idea although it’s a pie in sky scenario. It seems Bolt owners have become outcasts. Someone needs to fix this quick. As a GM retiree, I will continue to buy GM or at least American but this fiasco isn’t helping my confidence.
  17. Loaddown

    Loaddown New Member

    The current Ultium batteries, made by LG. Are they a cure for the overrun fires? Their new chemistry has produced higher energy density = higher range. Great, but what reduces fires? They will be equipped with wireless monitoring, but is a Bolt equipped for that? You folks may be dreaming for your battery exchange, but it will not be a Bolt/Ultium refab for free. Today they have announced they have a cure and it isn't Ultium:
    The next generation Ultium from SolidPower may be the future panacea, with lithium metal cells that will mop up most of the rushed mistakes of today's product, but who knows what the ultimate Ultium will be? By then, all the other competitors may make batteries (perhaps non-lithium, non-flammable) that will make this discussion moot. I am waiting to swap my Malibu Hybrid at that point.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2021
  18. LeRoy Barnhart

    LeRoy Barnhart New Member

    Agreed. And the sooner the better. Much EV buyer interest and most of it will bypass GM based on this Bolt issue. I am asked daily about it from people who are EV curious.
  19. Smiley

    Smiley New Member

    I think they should buy them all back and crush them. Lol
  20. Barter1

    Barter1 New Member

    The chemistry may be different but both are very similar. I believe quality control, tracing cells to the vehicle, and onboard diagnostics are key factors to reduce battery fires. The technology will get better with time and innovations. My 2021 Bolt is fun and very economical to drive and with new batteries, I will be happy to keep it for 10 years. I only paid $25,000 OTD and other EVs are out of my reach. Many more will purchase EVs once the price is stable at $30000. The $50,000 car would be profitable for the auto makers but there will be a point in time when there are a lot of $50,000 vehicles sitting on dealer lots as it is just to expensive with compared to ice vehicles. I have no confidence that a tax rebate will get approved and even if it does the auto companies will just raise their prices, dealers will sell for over MSRP or only sell vehicles over $60,000.
    The Bolt is a good car for many people for daily commuting and running around town. In the USA this is the only real practical EV for well under $40000

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