GM, Ford & Cheveron should be dropped by S&P 500

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    GM declined in sales about 8% from 2018 to 2019 but sold globally about 7.7 million vehicles. That is less than half what it sold prior to bankruptcy. Still, over the next 4 years it expects to sell about 50 million vehicles but only 1 million or 2% BEVs but some of those as the dirty as coal HCEV fraud/travesty (it won't sell any because the public isn't stupid and a radically superior standard offered by the established green platform avoids that useless toll road.) GM is not green and can't pretend to be. Its goals aren't green it is resisting and lying every step of the way. Its acual goal is thriving ICE in the 2040s as Bara predicted ICE would be not long ago. Then there is Ford which has been spamming every green youtube topic with this incredibly stupid claim that it is the only green automaker and trying to get the public to applaud it in pretending there is no Tesla (like G.W. Bush skeet shooting then getting pissed off and yelling at his merry band of attendants: can I get a good shot!?!!) And then idiotically trying to imply the country owes it (Ford) something by self thanking itself in its own ad over being the right side of CARB- there is no reward for doing the right thing but there is being permanently put out of business for doing too many of the wrong things. And its Mustang rebranded knock off Model Y is just another ploy from its past where it did the Mustang II ploy on economy and then went right back. Its EV trucks aren't even dedicated platforms. In both cases just like the GM manipulation of Consumer reports its just stock manipulation to desperately try to stave off decapitalization. They have captured CR print some fud the Black Rock media CNBC amplifies it. But they are just as fired by the people as Trump- same kind of record not popularly elected in modern times (defeated on the popular vote) impeached and rejected for a second term by a land slide where more people voted for an opposition than ever before. See that in their marketshare declines and bankruptcies. Just recently the conversation has changed back to not only how GM and Ford expect to not go bankrupt (and really go under for good this time) but how they can compete against Tesla- they are now the under dog but they don't have the public good will to support that position. Hillarious Tesla gets added to S&P 500 and Buffet ends up having to buy it but tries to hide it.

    As for Chevron. Remember under the TPP how firms were supposed to be able to sue municipalities for lost profits over environmental laws or any other affront to a right to exploit or expected return? This is the civil war South's sought after but denied murderous right to exploit brought back in a supposedly US law over riding trade treaty. Hillary was chomping at the bit for that. But remember all the fake progressives idiotically had to sign a no fossil fuel pledge but with exception of Takano and maybe Swawell and maybe Insley they all signed and instantly renegged. Oh and note Tesla is now "critical lnfastructure-" and Pan is gone so all that fiasco when Tesla was surrounded by oil refineries that kept running was (excepting solid safety implements) nonsense! Remember that video of Scott Walker rabbidly selling out the public to that womam billionaire? Certainly over oil and gas etc. Now recall the recent DOL order designed to force pension funds to continue to hypocritcally buy fossil fuel which have no potential for future returns especially in light of their past couple decades of historical ultimately strongly negative returns. But still we have continued forced colluded buying by pensions to socialize the never ending losses of the poison for profit fossil fuel ponzi- leading to the manufactured problem of supposedly underfunded pensions- when it was just pure obvious totally foreseeable thieving that created the problem. A true conspiracy hiding under policy. But now these same apparently quite treasonous legislators at thr state level are trying to prop the already failed ponzi(ponzi schemes are failures by definition) by stripping people of protest speech rights over pipelines and other attempts to force the sale of these obsolete toxic inferior products that no one wants or needs anymore. On the one hand there is the idiocy of "money (censorship & bribery) is speech" and on the other the people have no right to protest or execise vital political free speech against this without felonies and huges fines and mandatory long term prison sentences.

    So Boulder CO has a problem vacating and voiding a moronic Coase style utlilty contract with a fossil fuel offender how is that even remotely possible- litterally what rights and what standing does the long ago paid off ponzi pusher have?- none! None that justice could support. But now stripping people of their voice over this useless far from essential ponzi stripps them of their rights by denying them exercise or complete stripping through atrophy, in practice it strips people of their personhood and citizenship and reduces them to property. Its the defacto sought after right to exploit. The only way this ponzi can survive is by becoming the plantation South and the only the South could survive was having that right as a means to turn the state into a pure criminal enterprise. Now the courts will hopefully strike this bs down seeing it for what it is because otherwise it looks like an outright declaration of war on the people by these idiot captured sell out 'legislators' We need a way beyond simple loss of power or election to disuade these people from such actions or ever seeking power. One reason I think the Presidency and its pomp and exception should be dismantled as there are no first families any more than first races- that pomp and pimpery needs to be looked at with the same disgust as racism- and steal or commit crimes while in office and you go out in an orange jump suit immediately no exceptions and no statute of limitations. As for the sell out legislators history checks such people just look at the fate of Mussoleni or those in the French and Russian Revolutions. But we need more , we need a legal means with precedent. German judges were recently looking at jailing politicians who undermined environmental laws or interfered with them. Beyond political difference when people willfully act for gain or malice to undermine the public that has to have a consequence to dissuade it. And we can have politicians as one did recently saying they are there to serve themselves first- that's not honest its stupid and dangerous.

    If people don't want a lame arse pipeline there is a reason for it and if they are protesting resisting them is resisting the will of the people its an obvious breach of the peace and an unending trespass and worse. Its an act of violence. And our situation on this is exactly the reverse of what it should be. What we must go immediately to is a situation where if someone tries to invest in or gives money to any poison for profit rent seeking ponzi scheme they face unending liability-prosecution, conviction, long term incarceration, public condemnation and confiscatory wealth cancelling forfeiture.

    We have a party that acts openly like it exists to oppress the public on behalf of oligarchs and about 80% of laws in the last 30 years according to a recent Princeton analysis reflected this. All of that has to end! We can start with getting rid of sponsored forms of media- no more patronage, spoils, peerage etc. We have to stop glorifying idiocy- no more Game of Idiots or UK royal buffoon gazing. The people have to take back their power and cut the rent seeking cords and hoses.
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    Not our call.

    Bob Wilson
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    They will all still be listed on the exchanges long after you are gone.

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