GM Exec lets slip that GM is abandoning its AV efforts and isn't serious about EV

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Nov 15, 2018.

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    In the news today was GM's executive Abelson stating (source Teslarati):

    "Despite this, Abelson noted that its core business — comprised of large, gasoline and diesel-powered pickup trucks — would remain intact for the next couple of decades.

    “The core business is going to be the core business for a couple of decades to come. There will not be any AV/EV pickups,” Abelson said."

    It is important to read carefully what they are saying here. They are talking about their 'core' business at a time when their closest Big 3 competitor is talking about leaving cars all together in the US. This means they are leaving AV's all together and means they are not serious about EVs. In hindsight we can see their Cruise line was bs as expected. Think about what it means to say no GM truck will be EV or AV for the next 20 years and to do so confidently but idiotically.

    This reminds me of how VW after making a bunch of vaporware claims on EVs including stating its intent to invest 50 billion in batteries let slip its true colors when it assured its dealers EVs would only be 15% of VW sales by 2025 in the US. Nothing has changed.

    In the same vein is the best indicator of GMs pending bankruptcy beyond its current long term structural bankruptcy.

    Abelson has apparently been talking to some behind the scenes dictator that sets global policy and has assured him of this.

    Same day the fossil fuel industry just paid the Woz to announce there will be no self driving cars. What are they going to do gag order innovations under that 50s economic security act? They think they will get China to follow to save fossil fuel parasites?

    Stuff makes as much sense as the Haulcat bs

    Today also there was an attack on Tesla's AV in The Register (biting the hand that feeds it.)

    And of course Consumer Reports doing its usual idiot thing talking about EV reliability as if an EV would strand someone and then trying to say that two of Tesla's vehicles were among the 5 worst- this kind of bribe taking to spout lies needs some sort of solid consequence but as we know its turned the reputation of the magazine to the sub tabloid level. Again its not just criticism of Tesla its when motive is so obviously bribe based- he we give you money start lying.

    This stuff is coming about again because of fossil fuels fear of electric AV which will destroy their phony profits much much quicker as an EV catalyst.. GM efforts in AV may have been stock
    gimmicks just like its EVs are compliance fail-convincingly toys- but Tesla's aren't.

    It is not like AV is something mysterious it is obvious and inevitable:

    Figure the AV cars see stuff moving at a hypothetical pace of 1 inch a month and then its a chess game behind that- a slow one where avoiding objects has a human vs chess computer difference on facility and where roads and vehicles will help to some degree as an added measure and where the system gets better over time.

    So a lot of pravda here. But if people were paying attention, GM's share price should be dropping because they are constant liars. Just like Goldman on the take private deal I kind of wonder about having this liar firm that was trying to say it could opt out of standards if batteries proved hard to make now wanting to partner on extending EV credits. Can't trust these fossil fuel interlocked board fossil fuel retail chain companies as far as you can throw them- they are pure garbage.
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