GM closed factories Trojan Horse bait for Tesla?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Dec 21, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Great to see Tesla eat GM but it would be market share not a Trojan Horse that is good to eat. If Tesla want's GM's junk it will be available en mass at fire sale prices soon enough. Remember this is GM. This is a company that thinks gas powered autonomy makes sense and can never tell the truth in any press release.

    Think of its former contributions:

    Lead in gas (unleashing a crime wave in the US lasting decades with an impact larger than Roe v Wade- with co-intel pro implications)

    No quality in last 55 years

    Puts parasite profit above all else literal mission and highest priority is profit this company is a piece of #%$# and it shows in their products and treatment of the people that work form them and its self-righteous about thisterming people right before xmas.

    Fought air bags, fought seat belts

    Killed the EV1- fail convincingly frauds.

    When it was part of NUMMINI- implemented no employee suggestions vs
    Toyota for its part implementing 100%

    Tried to sabotage the Toyota side of NUMMINI

    Blamed its union for its bankruptcy

    Needed 50 billion loan after zeroing out shareholders and defaulted or failed
    to pay back 10 billion.

    Lined the pockets of share holders with 25 billion in recent hidden fossil fuel
    subsidy derived 'profit'- after all as Forbes acknowledged GM is structurally
    bankrupt so where was this alleged profit coming from- same place it
    always has the 1/3 of GNP from public sector tax that has always floated
    parasite firms but worse in GM's case.

    GM did at least 25 billion in stock buy back but then laid off 15000 people who
    were involved in producing any income that wasn't just subsidy raiding.
    trying to make its sold out share holders whole for when it zeroed them out
    at the expense of employees.

    Lobbies against fuel economy standard

    Is boycotting cars along with Ford to drive collusive effort for more pollution
    and fossil fuel fraud- as stupid as trying to push coal at the climate summits.

    Again, Forbes: GM is structurally bankrupt, Trump: GM is getting apparently
    secret subsidies like all fossil fuel relics but he would cut GM's now...
    while claiming GM was pushing electric cars too hard- hilarious.

    Buying a GM plant seems like a trick like the White House Economic Counsel appears to
    have been

    Notice that GM has one of the highest paid CEOs in the auto industry- what a surprise.

    They couldn't even listen to Drucker.

    Fossil fuels are a pure fail they do not compete economically anymore because of ultra low aggregate efficiency - China and India don't need them and cannot be forced to buy them so demand is collapsing permanently and GM is about trying to float that junk in the face of collapse. Also China and India have all the petrol mineral stock they need for other things domestically- only the legitimate 10% of the petrol materials industry is going to survive.

    So does tesla want a factory full of stupid made-to-fail money-for-the-sake-of-money GM think or even the employees it has damaged with its idiot wage slave ideology? Is this a Trojan horse? Its in a state with very dumb klepto type politics- center of election theft etc

    Factory could be crammed full of trade secret stealing spy crap.

    We keep hearing about the dino fossil fuel ICE retailers knowing what they are doing with regard to quality etc. That might be true of Toyota, Honda Hyundai but it is not true of any non asian make. The rest is garbage (in my mind GM for instance is just a criminal enterprise its ideology is criminal through and through, never rises above puffing which should also be illegal) but as for their quality look at Ford (GM is lower quality yet) with its recent recall of a million trucks across its lines catching for catching on fire or BMW for the same- parked unattended off BMWs catching fire all over the globe to the point of national injunctions screams no quality but they they run infomercial ads claiming its actually Tesla's problem. Think about their emissions scams.

    There could be some very good people that work at GM but be very careful. Would you hire from AOL, or Sprint or World Com or Enron, or Fox or Amway- why would you hire from this? Would Tesla buy a oil refinery from Exxon Mobile? Why would it buy a ICE plant from GM? Also buying their stuff is giving them money to prolong the problem. Its also bad for the brand. Teslas standards and good will are the highest there is- Porsche is junk by comparison- that is the reality not marketing fluff. Even among ICE would Mercedes at the height of its quality in the 1970s have bought failing American Motors plants plants that produced the Pacer and the Gremlin, GM still follows the designed to fail on cue philosophy? GM still has its bean counters cheapen everything out to fail on cue. If you got the the core philosophy behind GM it would have been about (and still is about) charging people as much as possible as often as possible to keep them tread-milling away burning all the time out of their lives either in GM sweat shops or elsewhere and not for quality of life or standard of living but just pure unadulterated control for self-appointed elite overlords. Tesla has a diametrically opposed mission.
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