GM 94 Billion in debt and taking debt for all the wrong reasons

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 25, 2018.

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    This is a really great article by Zachary Shahan also thanks to Jeremy Leggit. Ask yourself what GM is doing taking on debt mostly to buy stock and pay rent seeking dividends and taking on that much debt? Does that give you confidence after its bankruptcy and consider the Forbes article showing GM was still structurally bankrupt today? This is like US shale companies which Leggit shows have never actually be profitable taking on even more debt to pay prior debt in a ponzi fraud. Same Enron style people.

    But the bigger point coming from people like Jeremy Rifken is that petrol in general has very low thermo dynamic efficiency in its supply/logistical chain and always has had this super low "aggregate efficiency" leading to an ultra low sub threshold economic efficiency. Nothing is going to change this as fossil fuel tech is built out, at scale mature tech and actual supply is not the issue. Really its been being used to generate artificial scarcity since at least the early 70s. Notice how massive the debt that industry is taking on relative to its revenues each year which it must repay. Notice that these industries still claim and pay dividends and profits. And consider further that the US subsidizes petrol to the tune of about 1/3 of its Federal budget hence secret energy policy and sequestration etc. and its only gets worse and more as its economics are so horrid that it needs regular ever worsening bailouts in the form of wars and austerity. But this sham industry which every government has long known the truth about faces an radically superior competitor that doesn't need subsidies to survive and thrive and has not cost floor and actually saves money and ads predictability and stability when replacing fossil fuels.

    Keep in mind that this industry has also been allowed to pass on its constant every worsening looses in the form of ARM home loans, higher health insurance premiums, higher pensions with retirements increasingly at risk of outright theft due to petrol hollowing out, higher life insurance and higher auto insurance as well as increasingly less public services. It is truly the fraud at the center of the US economy but that has been by design for a least 50 years. Petrol is also putting the US democracy at risk both the the W and T admins are/were complete sht totally obvious.
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