Genesis GV60 User Profile Reset-HELP!

Discussion in 'Genesis' started by Robrian7, Jun 10, 2023.

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  1. Robrian7

    Robrian7 New Member

    Hello, all.
    I am writing to see if any other Genesis GV60 owners experienced a user profile reset recently. This happened to me today (June 10, 2023). All I did was start my Genesis and a screen on my infotainment system came up and stated, "resetting". Before I understood what was going on, my entire profile was deleted. I have no idea how to restore my profile, which has all of my preferred settings. I have no idea what caused this to happen. Has anyone experienced this? How do I restore my old profile with my settings? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. Mark - San Diego

    Mark - San Diego New Member

    *** I had the same thing happen this morning. Car started up fine and within a minute, radio kicked off and screen asked if I wanted to do first time set up. All I had was AM radio and all my custom settings were lost. Took it to the dealer as I just bought the car Monday. They had me press the "Map" and "Setup" buttons at same time for 10 seconds. This brought back by Sirius XM and other basic layouts, but I still had to reprogram all the custom settings. They also suggested I call the Genesis Connected services (haven't had a chance yet)
  4. Robrian7

    Robrian7 New Member

    UPDATE: I contacted Genesis to see what can be done to restore my profile. The person to whom I spoke said this is a recent issue and that Genesis is being inundated with calls on this very issue by Genesis owners. Long story short, Genesis customer service was able to restore my ID, but could not restore my settings. I had to do ALL of my settings over including fingerprint recognition and facial ID among many others. My hope is that Genesis will push out a fix so that this does not happen again. I would suggest to Genesis that one of the options an owner should have is to "restore profile" once one has been deleted either accidentally or through some type of software glitch, as has happened with me. I hope this information is useful to someone. Thanks!
  5. Mark - San Diego

    Mark - San Diego New Member

    Thanks for the report Robrian7. Good to hear we aren't the only 2 who were affected by this!

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