Gauge Plastic Grunge

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Scottacus, May 27, 2018.

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  1. Scottacus

    Scottacus New Member

    I've cleaned the front of my plastic cover for the gauges on my Clarity but when the sun hits the plastic at the right angle it looks like the back side was installed without being cleaned. Anyone else seen this?

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  3. Scottacus

    Scottacus New Member

    It's been a while since I've checked this forum but I'm surprised that no one has responded to this post saying that they had the same issue. I took my car in to Honda months ago for servicing this issue and they ended up pulling apart the dash to replace this plastic cover. The cover is a really sizable piece of clear plastic with large plastic wings that sit behind the black plastic surronds.

    When we inspected the original cover we found that it had been installed by the assembly line with the grunge that you see in the photo above on the back side of it. I'm surprised that mine is the only one out there with this issue!
  4. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    I don't have permissions to see the image, but I will check my gauge plastic today.
    I know it has dust on the outside already.
  5. Cash Traylor

    Cash Traylor Well-Known Member

    Ok, I think maybe this got lost as a post due to the title. However, the Instrument Cluster Lens is heavily smudged on my Clarity as well. However, I did not notice it during the test drive for for about a month or so as if it was bright (live in Texas) and I was wearing polarized sunglasses, or night time. You could not see it at all. However, if you shine a flashlight into the cluster or the sun hits it right you can't miss all the smeared whatever...

    I will likely address this but I have been very unhappy with my local dealer's knowledge of the Clarity in general. Honestly, if Kentucky Ken or another Guru here found the dash assembly manual I would likely prefer to do it myself and "KNOW" it is clean.

    What was your experience at the dealership on this (time involved, etc). Did it result in any new dash rattles or noises. I just updated the stereo system in the car and cleaned up all the rattles etc, and don't want them returning....

    Thanks and cheers!

  6. Cash Traylor

    Cash Traylor Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I have been battling issues with an aftermarket stereo install that does not agree with the Clarity's active noice cancellation system. So found myself in need of going into the dash to disable the ANC module. Since I was already half way there, decided (with the help of the 3986 guide) to go in and really clean the instrument cluster lens as mine was one with factory "whatever" on the inside. Honestly looked like it had been wiped down with a sweaty rag inside. However, keep in mind that you could only see the grunge when the sunlight hit at an angle from behind, if the gauges were in the shadow of the eyelid, you couldn't see anything. Never even noticed on my test drive.

    So, removed the visor and cleaned the plastic (acrylic etc) lens carefully. I would note that they did a poor job in polishing the plastic as it has swirls in it from the factory that you may get out with a cleaner wax/carnuba polish, but at some point you have to just stop. I wanted the smudges off the backside and that is what I accomplished. This is not a hard project and can be done in under half an hour. The reason I didn't take it to the dealer is that they would likely not clean it, only replace it, and if the tech is not careful (like an owner would be) you stand a chance of gaining nothing. That and it takes a lot of time going to the dealer, this was a 30 minute project, even having to figure it all out. Here are the photos, everything except taking the lens off was easy (the lens requires a lot of snaps be carefully unlatch, you don't want to break them or crack the plastic). Honestly the best tools were tools you would get to replace a phone screen and are super cheap (spudgers, plastic pry clips, and suction cups, ie : but I had a lot of this kind of stuff so this is only an example, didn't order it.

    I'm a pilot, so I used stuff I use to clean very expensive plane acrylic with and trust. Use whatever you want but make sure it is not alcohol or ammonia as it can craze the plastic and I don't know what kind of plastic it really is. Davies is just easy as it has more MIL specs for acrylics than any normal consumer product so I didn't have to worry.

    Once it is removed, clean it carefully, use canned air to blow dust out of the cluster area, and re-install. It was easy. The foe wood trim is kinda a trick to remove. You pry up (with plastic trim tools) the front, then pull it out at a slight (say 15-20 degree up) and back angle. They are not straight in or up, kinda an angle.

    Photos attached when I get the downloaded. Will update tonight, sorry - wife calling...

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  8. DVoran

    DVoran Member

    Remember, this is a cheap car. Not a $40K or $60K car where all of these things have to happen. Yet, if we purchased a $30K car and got what others spend $40 or $60K for the same thing ... WOW!

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  9. Cash Traylor

    Cash Traylor Well-Known Member

    Hmm, unfortunately I missed my window to edit my above message.

    Dvoran, guess I messed up bad then. The sticker on my fully loaded Touring (all options, plus some unnecessary dealer options) was $39,900. So you are correct, it was not technically a $40K car, missed it by that much, but fortunately paid a lot less than sticker in the end unless you count the time off my life negotiating.... However, to expect a piece of plastic that came from Honda's vendor with protective film applied to remain clean during install, someone was just careless in handling. But things happen, and since it was just the two of us in this little thread it was likely a very low percentage. I am not upset, glad I didn't spend $80+K on another EV brand that doing what I did today would likely result in them repossessing the vehicle for violation of their TOS.

    Here are the photos from the work this afternoon for anyone who has a similar problem, some basic tools, and the dealer is not convenient.

    Photos part 1:
    IMG_20180917_122736.jpg IMG_20180917_122744.jpg IMG_20180917_122747.jpg IMG_20180917_122900.jpg IMG_20180917_122907.jpg IMG_20180917_122915.jpg IMG_20180917_122923.jpg IMG_20180917_122928.jpg IMG_20180917_123319.jpg IMG_20180917_123424.jpg
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  10. Cash Traylor

    Cash Traylor Well-Known Member

    Part 2, just the cleaning, reinstall, found the GPS antenna, and an attempt to photo the white residue on the back of the lens:

    IMG_20180917_123640.jpg IMG_20180917_123730.jpg IMG_20180917_123858.jpg IMG_20180917_123906.jpg IMG_20180917_123926.jpg IMG_20180917_124010.jpg IMG_20180917_124806.jpg IMG_20180917_124813.jpg IMG_20180917_124939.jpg IMG_20180917_132050.jpg

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  11. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Many complain about missing features in such an expensive car. However, there's a big reason under the floor that makes the Clarity expensive: a 17-kWh battery. Honda included a lot of good features, but not every feature possible to keep the car from becoming prohibitively expensive.

    That said, Mr. Traylor, you're to be congratulated for your great posts and your intrepid ability to dive deep into your Clarity to make it better!
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  13. Cash Traylor

    Cash Traylor Well-Known Member

    Agreed, I often tell my friends when they ask about the new car... "Well, I bought a 17kW battery that happened to be mounted on 4 wheels!" Just to be clear, I love this car, for the price, how it drives, the features, size, comfort, ride, etc. It was a great deal (especially with the tax and Texas grant savings). I am picky, and just wish they had offered a premium stereo option, woofer and more drivers etc, like an Acura. However, I completely understand why they could not, and it obviously did not stop me from purchasing it. They hit the wall on build of material costs vs market pricing, weight (good speakers are heavy and they had to have a useful load competitive with the industry), and the PHEV is still a gamble for them, and maybe a loss leader for a while. I hope it works, as it is such a better vehicle than it's direct competitor. I liked the competition's offering, but had to have a usable back seat and really wanted a trunk, not a "lift back."

    So, I am very happy, and yes, when the warranty expires I will likely dig into the car far more, including the battery. I have a long history working with high end/energy battery systems, IEC docs and UN 38 certs for battery systems so this will be fun... in about 8 years...


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