Gauge clauster going haywire.

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Mickxal, Mar 2, 2023.

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  1. Mickxal

    Mickxal New Member

    Here is a link to a video i made with the issues.
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  3. Mickxal

    Mickxal New Member

    Here is another video of the issue.
  4. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    Can we name this problem "Dashboard Rave"?
    We could speculate about what the fix will be, but this seems like a very straightforward decision - take to the dealer and let them deal with it!

    I wonder if it could be as simple as a bad connector at the back of the instrument cluster, especially if the car is operating properly, but the cluster is all haywire. At any rate, I'd let it be the dealer's problem.

    Good luck
  5. Mickxal

    Mickxal New Member

    It's so weird because before, charging the car fixed it temporarily.
  6. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    Or, to play the skeptic, it stopped for some entirely different reason (and coincided with you charging the car).

    Good that you got video of it. Might help get the technician's attention.
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  8. Could be a dying 12V battery that's why charging the traction battery temporarily fixed it.
  9. Mickxal

    Mickxal New Member

    Just finished charging it. Installed it and the issue is still there.
  10. What's the 12V system voltage in that state? It should be either 14.6 or 13.1 V. You could also measure that after power-off to see how fast it depletes.
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  11. Mickxal

    Mickxal New Member

    12.6V car off and 15V car on. Charged the battery to 13.1V and it still shows all the lights on the dash with no fonctional power steering.
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  13. No doubt you've checked for ice on the radar unit at the lower part of the front grill? That could trigger all the brake warnings. Possibly also damage to any of the wheel ABS sensors.

    The service docs suggest "CAN failure" as a common item for all those lights but if that was the case I expect that the speedo wouldn't work, yet clearly it does.
  14. Disappointingly the OP has left us in the dark after members took time out of their day to try and help.
    He had mentioned on reddit that the problem cleared after disturbing the 12V battery connections.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2023
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