Gasoline Powered Cell Phones

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Imagine ICE powered cell phones the size of the first Mortorola bricks. Vibrating in your hands. You need to connect it to a hose in your living room to exhaust the gasses from your house or sit under a range hood installed in each room. You'd need to go to the gas station to put fuel in it. "I got to the gas station to put gas in my phone." Although they have mufflers and noise canceling software a lot of people to keep their arm from getting tired and to get better sound and to keep the fumes their breathing out of direct conscious awareness wear both a mic and ear buds. Cheap ones have a lawnmower style rip cord and you have to be careful not to smack others in the face starting them. "Quick screw the exhaust hose onto you cell phone before you gas us out of the living room." "No cell phones allowed in this establishment." "2nd and 1st hand cell phone exhaust kills!" Someone needs to make a video game with this in it or educational videos for children that break this stuff down.

    Now we know that fossil fuels basically are economically uncompetitive everywhere now (they were never actually even remotely profitable) even with massive subsidies that amount to rent seeking on the public sector, including defense but also though regularly passed on but cloaked losses in mortgages (the ARM bs) and pensions, health care, auto and life insurance. We know fossil fuels amount to the cotton plantation and revolve around a right to exploit or the civil rights struggle all over again. We also know that against societies that aren't massively undermined over energy rent seeking that those which are face an insurmountable strategic disadvantage on the cost of goods and hence the BS tariffs (more petrol subsidies along with the endless unnecessary wars of aggression and austerity) claimed to protect wage slave bs jobs when its really just designed to keep the rapacious rent seeking going a bit longer- the core element of Pieketty's r>g. We all know at this point that politicians who take petrol money or push or support it should be doing life in a cage starting yesterday.

    Which brings us to Tesla. It would be very good to see the fans come together and do something open source almost like a Linux project or collaborative open commons project where they actually do Pravdah. There are plenty of people that could consult on the project like Zachery Shan, Trent Eady, Simon Alvarez, Tom Randall- Dominic Yoney- there are a lot of people who do great analysis on the firm.

    Let me give you a concrete example of the kind of stuff that could be shut down and dealt with appropriately. All that Teslas on fire BS now seems to have had a source in BMW- yes BMW seems to have been behind it. Why (?) because BMW makes sht anymore and knew it was facing injunctions in places like South Korea over a massive amount of car fires so it tried to cover itself by claiming Teslas were catching on fire. What shut its mouth was when Taleb Nassim a mathematician (the kind of mind that could easily check them) called this stuff utter BS, that he had had enough- then BMW finally shut the F up with its idiot campaign. Also guessing BMW is trying to hide sales losses to Tesla in the states- numbers last month looked really off. Anyone believe its new M 3 Series can't be sold in the US- not its chicken sht of the Tesla M3P so it is trying to hide from the sales comparisons. BMW may also be behind the attacks on Musk's honesty. They see it as a strength so like something out of the Goebbles press manual they attack Tesla's strength as a weakness- Musk is honest to a fault, recently it was said that as a true INTJ all he cares about is truth. So a BMW that lied about emissions can't stop insisting Musk is misrepresenting but it is an intentional projection to hide BMW's reality or try to equalize against a competitor it is terrified of. BMW could just do the right thing for a change but it is a petrol shill, so it can't.

    Another example Musk shut down the Montana Moron exposing him as oil exec. Think also of the time when an oil exec called Tesla CFO Jason Wheeler trying to impersonate Musk. Or think of the paid saboteur they petrol is trying to pass off as a whistle blower- where are the Exxon whistle blowers? All of this could be tracked and the records attached like batting averages of these liars- think about what would happen with CNBC- it could still be done prospectively and retrospectively- historically.

    I am kind of hoping this kind of research would subject the bull sht paid to lie sponsored media to massive liability- like to see CNBC's charter revoked because it amounts to anti media. Well this would do massive good to see their stuff exposed. Remember one of the reasons they hate Tesla is it doesn't pay them with ads to lie about its products- they don't like what that says about their useless business model (a model that strips people of their rights because it amounts to defacto censorship on behalf of sponsors that means candidates must pass through a capturing money filter and converts our law into crime/filth written by the highest bidder alal ALEC) so they like their arses off about Tesla practicing the only thing they know how to do.

    Also its insane that a former SEC attorney thinks Musk should have shown remorse over Tesla stock fluctuations that burned shorts- that is something to celebrate- shorts are generally not real Tesla investors what they are there to do is destroy the real investor's equity and starve the firm of access to capital- they a vandals who think they should be paid for the vandalism- they belong in the cage with politicians who take petrol money - worse than taking heroin money. If we had a functioning system the FBI would be going after the likes of Chanos I think if we polled actual Tesla investors most would take a temporary 25% haircut to burn shorts permanently and do it over and over again, totally worth while for the medium and longer term valuation as well.
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