Gas door opening problem

Discussion in 'Honda' started by KyleH, Jun 19, 2018.

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  1. KyleH

    KyleH New Member

    Hi all - New guy here. My wife and I (it's officially her car) recently bought a new Clarity. I've been reading on the forum for a couple of weeks now, mostly with my head nodding along the way. Overall we are huge fans of the car still and enjoy driving it daily.

    The only hiccup I have found that seems very odd is the fact that the gas door does not open on the first try. I've only out gas in the car on three occasions since we purchased it (about $2,500 miles so far) and each time there is a marked delay from the time I press the button (accompanied by a graphic in the driver info screen) until I hear a pop back at the gas door. However to my surprise it isn't open. I usually go back there and to my surprise (slow learner) find it's not open. I kind of tap on the door and then the second time I press the button it opens up. With more fanfare I might add than I'm used to. It's like there is a piston back there that shoves the door open and a little catch/lock at the edge that keeps it latched. Anyway I really don't want to take it to the dealer if I can help it, but also think it's strange this is happening and wondering if anyone else has had this occurance. At first I was thinking maybe it was the door locks but I tested this theory and that wasn't the problem.

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  3. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    Play around with the gas door button a bit. I originally thought it wasn't opening every time either. But now it does work all the time. There is a definite delay though, sometimes up to 5 seconds. Perhaps it is sticking and will work better after more use. Perhaps there is something that could be lubricated on the latch?
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  4. NJClarity

    NJClarity Member

    Well, I haven't had to put any gas in mine yet :), but I did notice that the gas door is slightly misaligned. Need to go and check now...
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  5. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    It is a pressurized tank, it has to vent pressure before it will unlock. Watch the progress bar on the dash. Sometimes it is very fast, other times not so fast. Probably depends on pressure.
  6. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    Read the documentation: Owners Guide pg 118 and Owners Manual pg 452.

    "This vehicle has a pressurized fuel system.
    When the fuel vapor pressure inside the fuel tank is
    high, it takes about 10 seconds for the vehicle to vent
    the fuel tank. Once the pressure is vented, the driver
    information interface changes from Please Wait to
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  8. KyleH

    KyleH New Member

    Thanks for the responses. I am aware of the delay built in... I'm just saying after the delay itself and the pop of the fuel door, it's not opening on the first try. I went and sprayed some silicone on it to see if that helps the mechanism move better... so I'll report back.

    The pressurized fuel system should be contained within the tank itself. So it makes sense there's a delay so it can de-pressurize for you before opening the fuel door... but this shouldn't have any impact on the fuel door opening once the mechanism activates since that cavity wouldn't be pressurized.
  9. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like something sticky with the latch, if your silicone spray doesn't help maybe take it in. We have had 20 or so gas fill ups and never had it stick.
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  10. I am having an issue with my gas door, though slightly different. Basically, the gas door seems to hang downwards a bit when it opens.

    At the location of the gas door, the side of the car seems to slope up a bit, but when the gas door opens, it seems to open straight out or perhaps at a slightly downward angle, making it appear that the door is drooping down. When I push it closed, the latch seems to pull it up slightly and align it with the opening, so it looks fine closed.

    The door doesn't seem loose or damaged, so this might be normal. I have not filled the gas tank yet (3+ months, 2,500 miles, almost all electric), so I didn't really notice it till now.

    Anyone else have this issue?
  11. KyleH

    KyleH New Member

    Mine looks kind of funny too when open. Perhaps has to do with the slope / angle of the back of the car and the door opening isn't parallel with the ground like most are.

    I will say that my gas door opening issue seems to have been remedied with some silicone spray. No issues past 2 or 3 times filling up.
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  13. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    Ditto when we took delivery. I haven't opened it again to see since haven't needed to fill-up yet :)
  14. Thanks for the replies. Good to know.
  15. rodeknyt

    rodeknyt Active Member

    The delay would be to keep you from opening the gas cap with the tank still pressurized and scaring the #*&@!! out of you.
  16. Vezz66

    Vezz66 Member

    I’ve ben wondering, does the pressure help keep the volatiles from evaporating?

    I haven’t fueled often, but I keep the button pressed for at least a second just to make sure it’s registered. Or press it twice within a couple of seconds.
  17. rinthos

    rinthos New Member

    The point of the pressure is a few things....1 your engine will start up randomly but fuel pump is not running all the time, so it helps minimize time to get fuel into the engine when it starts up. 2 it is another datapoint for the car to consider before even switching to gas. If pressure is unacceptable electric motor will stay on but instead of gas engine you'll get a "check engine light" w/ an error code :) as someone who drove the accord plug-in for several years I never once had a problem with it :)
  18. Teslawannabe

    Teslawannabe Active Member

    Mine is just like yours. When closed it lines up perfectly.

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