Fuse map, and which positions are switched vs always on

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jorgie393, Nov 10, 2018.

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  1. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Well-Known Member

    This is a followup to a thread that I posted, called "Accessing switched (accessory/ACC) power for aftermarket devices). It's desirable to tap into "switched" (not always-on) circuits like this, so your aftermarket gadget doesn't drain your battery.

    That thread gave details re. how to tap into the front accessory power socket circuit to hardwire devices. However, it missed the forest for the trees. Others have pointed out a much simpler way: some of the fuse positions, which are easily tapped into with a mini-fuse tap, are switched. In fact, some of the unused fuse positions are switched (e.g. position 2).

    To be a little more complete, I looked at the circuit diagrams from Service Express and labeled each fuse with what kind of relay controls its power. The list is below.

    If relay is any of the "IG" relays: fuse position is "hot" only when car is fully on.
    If relay is any of the "ACC" relays: fuse position is "hot" when car is either in ACC mode, or fully on.
    If relay is ALWAYS ON: runs directly off the 12V battery, so fuse position is "hot" even when car is off. Doesn't mean the entire circuit works when car is off (there may be other interrupting relays down the line).

    This is a GUIDE, and may contain errors -- verify! Note that the fuse tap size seems to be "mini" fuse, to fit properly. Note also that there is a right, and a wrong, way to put in a fuse tap IF it is into a circuit already being used for another purpose.

    Short version: Only position 2 is both ACC and unused. There are 2 unused IG-switched positions, which are probably just as good (how often do you sit in ACC mode only anyway?) There are two unused always- on. Full fuse-to-component map from Service Express is attached.

    C01: ACC-Audio, body control module, accessory socket relays:
    C02: ACC- NOT USED
    C03: Ig1B -PCM
    C04: Ig1B –SBW Shifter Control Module
    C05: Ig1B -Fuses E1-E3 in under dash subfuse box B
    C06: Ig1B - Front passenger’s airbag cutoff indicator
    C07: Ig1B - Acoustic vehicle warning, climate control, reverse relay
    C08: Ig1A – body control module, fuel tank, etc.
    C09: Ig2 – seat heater relay, some power mirror
    C10: ALWAYS ON (ACC relay comes after
    C11: Ig – NOT USED
    C12 ALWAYS ON – R side power door locks
    C13 ALWAYS ON – L rear power door unlock
    C14: ALWAYS ON – Rear L power window
    C15: ALWAYS ON – Front passenger power window)
    C16: ALWAYS ON – trunk opener)
    C17: Ig1B - Parking pawl actuator
    C19 :ALWAYS ON? (Washer motor control unit)
    C20: IG—NOT USED
    C21: Ig1A - Sensors
    C22: IG2- Body control module Ig2
    C23: ?? —not used (per fuse map; but there is 10A fuse in it)
    C24: Ig1B- Front camera
    C25: ALWAYS ON – door locks
    C26: ALWAYS ON – door lock
    C27: ALWAYS ON – windows
    C28: ALWAYS ON – windows
    C29: ALWAYS ON – ACC sockets (relay comes later)
    C30: ALWAYS ON – interior lights
    C31: ALWAYS ON – Seats
    C32: ALWAYS ON – Seat heater; relay comes later
    C33: ALWAYS ON – Seats
    C34: Ig1A – EPS, brake relay, etc
    C35: ?? - SRS
    C37: ALWAYS ON – Battery charge module, charge door

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  3. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

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  4. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Well-Known Member

    Great point V8Power. I should have added that I got my info from the circuit diagrams for the majority, but the NOT USED circuits had no diagrams so I tested those directly, like you say.

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  5. alyssai

    alyssai Member

    I finally got my power magic pro installed for my dash cam thanks to this post!

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  6. rickyrsx

    rickyrsx Active Member

    Thanks for your amazing post! I'm thinking of hardwiring a dashcam but the kit I'm looking at has two options. Mini ATO or low profile mini ATO fuse taps. Do you know which one I should get?

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  8. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Well-Known Member

    I believe these are low profile mini, to be specific.

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  9. sassnak

    sassnak New Member

    Thanks, this was super useful! I just used this info to install the hardwire kit for my Street Guardian dual dash cam. I used C02 and C18, and it works great. Can confirm the fuses are low profile mini ATO. Since the kit assumes you are tapping a fuse it only gives you fuse taps, so I installed the fuses from the kits in the top (exterior) slot and left the bottom slot empty.
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