from where should i start ?

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    i am a senior mecahtronics engineer and interested in vehicles specially in EV but i dont know from where i should start studying in this field and how to be advanced in it ?
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    First make a requirements list:
    • mandatory - those that must be
    • optional - those that can be ranked
    Once you have a list of requirements, the rest is easy. Do not short-change on this step!

    Bob Wilson
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  3. AhMjOu

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    i got it.. can you attention me a reference to study from it or a book ?
  4. bwilson4web

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    My books came from NASA and Systems Engineering training. Usually these are covered as part of Industrial Engineering, there should be some books in your local library. Retired now, mine are in cardboard boxes. Regardless, I can outline what happened in our case.

    • Must be able to drive from Huntsville AL to Coffeyville KS or Stillwater OK
      • Charging network must support 100 kWh fast DC charging between these cities
    • Must have 24/7 low light, advanced driver assistance
      • Dynamic cruise control
      • Emergency collision braking
      • Automated, lane keeping with computerized steering
    • Seats for me, my wife, her dogs, and luggage
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • Affordable
    • Pretty color
    • Pretty shape
    • Tow capable
    • Power seats and windows
    • Warranty
    • Cell phone integration
    • Plugshare - not limited to any given charging technology, we can map the chargers and distance between them. User charging comments check their operational quality as some are unreliable or under performing.
    • - lists the reproducible EPA metrics.
    • Experiments - we own a BMW i3-REx, ~33,000 owner miles, and used to own a Prius Prime, ~16,000 owner miles.
      • 50 kW limit too slow - BMW i3-REx adds ~55 miles in 30 minutes charging
      • optical driver assistance - some light conditions knock system offline
      • 3.3 kW L2 - Prius Prime takes +2 hours to add 25 miles
      • radar+optical driver assistance - no lane steering
    Bob Wilson
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    If you're willing to travel, consider an internship with Tesla.

    Here's what one intern had to say about his background and hiring experience:
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