Frequent / Intermittent "Power Limited" Behavior

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Bitzens, May 2, 2022.

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  1. Bitzens

    Bitzens New Member


    I have a 2019 Niro EV (SX Touring) with just under 80,000 KMs. My daily commute is mostly highway, 130 KMs round trip.

    Over the last 6 weeks my car has been briefly going into Power Limited mode during my drives (displays on screen with the turtle, I lose all power, then the message clears after 10 - 15 seconds and my power is restored and back to normal. Sometimes it happens once, sometimes it happens 3 times in a 1 hour drive. One drive it did it 10 times in less than an hour, and also triggered the EV system warning, and also ran the diagnostics on its own. It indicated that there was a possible problem with the battery management system and to have it checked, and that is when I brought it to the dealership the next day. The error cleared itself after it had been parked for a few hours.

    Outdoor temp during this time when it happened was in the range of 5C to 15C. Doesn't seem to be a factor.

    Can happen at 110kmh or 5kmh, or from a complete stop, speed is not a factor.

    At first it seemed to be happening more when my SOC was below 45%, but it has also happened in the 80% range, 70s, 60s, etc so SOC doesn't seem to be a factor either.

    Overall I haven't really lost any range on the battery, I still average around 415 KMs (displayed range when at 100% SOC) right now, I am still using the heat in the mornings. Once it warms up a bit more without running the heat in the mornings I will average around 440 KMs or more.

    My original E710 motor imploded at about 20,000KM and was replaced with an E711.

    I do charge to 100% once per week or two, I don't typically go below 15% except on rare occasions.

    The dealership had my car all day and ran some of their own diagnostics and reset some things, stated they wanted to do some more investigating and open a case with Kia, but I haven't done that as it's not that bad yet. The car actually didn't have the issue for over two weeks after they reset whatever they reset, but now its starting to happen almost daily again. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this.
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  3. Lektrons

    Lektrons Member

    I have the same year and have not experienced that, have about 50k on the vehicle now. My motor was replaced because not a ticking noise that effected some of the early vehicles and it has been smooth since.

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  4. Hi Have you had the 12 volt battery checked ? as it sounds like a low voltage control fault of the high volt main battery control system. Jim
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  5. swiftgti

    swiftgti New Member

    I faced the same problem since Sep 2020 on my 2019 Niro EV. The dealer in Hong Kong (KLM motor) did nothing but just bullying that I mis-used the car and cause the problem.
    Also they asked me to replace the 12V battery, for sure not working.

    I checked by myself and found a fault code "Voltage Sensor B Failure" stored and asked KLM to focus on checking the voltage sensor wiring and connector of BCU. However they are unable to perform such "difficult" job, and told me that they will void my warranty as they found the BCU cover under the car was opened once. (which I never did this!)

    Luckily, after KLM lifted up my car, opened the BCU cover and pull out the BCU for looking, the symptom re-occurred less frequently.
    So, now it occurs only once or twice a week. If it occurs more frequently, say 3 or 4 times a day, or re-occurs everyday, I open the BCU cover and shake the connector for several times and it will be better.

    I am frustrated with the dealer and never walked into their workshop for a whole year.
  6. Bitzens

    Bitzens New Member

    Thank you. No I haven't had it checked, I didn't associate this HV system issue with the 12V system but this is a good point. I am not fully versed in electronics but is a LV control fault an issue with the 12V battery itself, or could it be anywhere in the 12V system?

    I haven't checked my 12V battery with a voltmeter but I do have a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter running with Torque Pro and my 12V battery reads at 13.8V or 13.9V and 32.x Amps when the car is running at the moment, when I go back and look at a screenshot I took earlier one time when I the issue was active it was 14.6V and the Amperage was reading in the negatives (I wasn't braking or decelerating). My 12V battery SOC is now 86 - 89% range but I remember this used to always be in the mid 90s. I am going to try turning off the Aux battery saver feature to see if my HV battery has been working to keep my 12V battery charged more than it should be.
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  8. Bitzens

    Bitzens New Member

    Thank you for this information! Frustrating that they wont attempt this repair for you. I will follow up once I have my dealership finish working on this and let you know if the BCU connections or the BCU itself ends up being my problem as well. At least I can reference this and try to steer them in this direction.
  9. Bitzens

    Bitzens New Member

    It's been a while but I wanted to post my follow up on this. Jim was right, my 12V battery was shot. I had turned off Aux battery saver and shortly after parked at the airport for 10 days, battery was dead when I got back. Didn't bother testing it, I just replaced it and haven't had one instance of this "power limited" issue since.

    PS my dealership wanted $298 for a replacement battery (standard lead acid, nothing special), I bought an equivalent from Costco with a better warranty for $129.
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  10. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    Dealerships don't see us EV guys as often as ICE guys...they do want to get what they can: $60 to change the cabin air filter is my example.
  11. Fred Silver

    Fred Silver New Member

    Thanks everyone. I've had the same problem. The car went to the dealer today. It's a 2022, still under warranty. Hopefully they will do a thorough evaluation. If it's the 12 V., I might bite the bullet and replace it. The dealer is across the street from Costco. :)
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  13. James Bradley

    James Bradley New Member

    Would there be a reason that my 2022 doesn't have the Aux Battery settings in the menu? Manual is pretty clear where this is located but I simply don't have this as an option.
  14. On the Kona it was deleted a few years ago as a setting since turning it off could eventually lead to a dead 12V battery.
  15. Bitzens

    Bitzens New Member

    So less than a year later this issue has resurfaced and it's annoying as ever. Unless my new 12v battery has packed it in already I'm thinking there is more to this issue than just the battery itself.

    My car is heading to the dealer next week for a new gear drive / box / transmission, I'm getting them to check this as well while it's there (unless it's related but I doubt it).

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