Free Supercharging and the Model 3

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Domenick, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. Tesla Model 3 Owner Confirms No Free Supercharger Credits

    The messaging around the Model 3 and Supercharging has been mixed. It was obviously never meant to be free unlimited, but what about through the referral program? What about 400 kWh a year? What about... No.

    According to a Model 3 owner (in the article linked above), there is no free Supercharger use. Nada.

    Interestingly though, and mentioned by @MTN Ranger in the comments of that article, when Joseph from OCDetailing did his Model 3 drive video, he plugged into a Supercharger. Now, was it just for show, did he (or the owner, rather), get charged, or is the Supercharger at the Fremont factory free?

    I totally get that Tesla needs to charge Model 3 owners for Supercharging, but shouldn't there be some sort of package you can buy upfront, or perhaps 400 kWh free a year, as there is for new Model X and S?
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