Frank Chen on the broader implications of Autonomy

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 28, 2018.

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    Frank Chen talks about things that are essentially never talked about in the press, but its the broader implications that show that any country that tries to move against autonomy will consign itself to the dust bin of history. It is pure suicide and it would amount to ditching the core of technology in the current and coming decades. There is no way in which trying to resist it or slow it down makes any sense especially for country like the US that is already in serious trouble.

    Frank's presentation is from last year but it really does educate. But just know that internet of things and automation in the home and the application of AI and the application of drone logistics on the road and in the air and even in the factory is very very very connected to level 4 and level 5 autonomy. Call it level 6 or 7 autonomy. Current autonomy was the natural progression of taking real time GPS rerouting tech and making it more direct, it was a totally obvious next step implication. What is coming as you watch Chen's presentation becomes obvious. But just think, in the home having a unit that is precise in time and space takes actions in a video game might be characterized as a clipping problem but in personal space would be an amputation or impailing.

    We are not going to slow down this tech to benefit slave making criminal pos petrol fuel energy that has already hollowed everything out. No, this is the future of work and the reversal of the artificial scarcity that doubling down on pos criminal petrol fuel energy and the incredibly foolish petrol dollar were brought in to create. The US can try to continue down that route and it will become a province of China. The only sensible route is to make that sector fully absorb the losses inflicted on US society and the world while embracing the future. Slavery really only ended in the US around 1950, what we've had up to this point was an attempt to extend it such that between 1970 and now we have less than half the quality of life and standard of living as a result along with a sponsored media and education system that causes people to identify with non contributing unnecessary class of oppressive super entitled elites. The US press has become hyper conservative- the population has become incredibly miss-informed about its interests.
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