Found the governed top speed

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by SSpiffy, Nov 13, 2023.

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  1. SSpiffy

    SSpiffy Member

    Drove to Vegas to work the Formula 1 race. While headed down NV 318, where I've driven up to 140 while running Silver State Classic, I decided to check the top speed of my 2020 Base model. In HV Eco mode I matted the go pedal and off we went down a straight where I could see the 5 miles in front of me were clear. Started from 80 and it pulled strong right up to 100, where it just stayed. Power meter dropped to about half and sat there.

    It was dead stable and happy at 100. I was confident it would have been happy much faster. When I drive home I'll see if Sport mode makes any difference.

    I'm sad. They're was a lot of reserve power left. I may have to look into PCM reprogramming.

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  3. Give it a run in EV Mode. The limit is reportedly 101mph. Also see if you can nurse it to 100mph in EDM.

    Let us know if you need someone to post bail.
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  4. JFon101231

    JFon101231 Active Member

    My son asked me this the other day and my only answer was idk never tried going over 80. Guess now I know lol
  5. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    I accidentally reached 102 mph the other day on the passing lane of the US93 north of Wickenburg AZ without actually meaning it. It got there involuntarily. I was going at 85 and had to pass a pickup truck going around 80 in front of me before the passing lane ended. Driving in SPORT/HV, '18 Touring. I took the foot off the gas as soon as I saw the triple digits. I'm pretty sure it could have gone faster, but I'm afraid of the cops. They lurk there, hidden in the bushes, hunting for speeders (seriously)... But yes, SPORT makes a difference.
  6. SSpiffy

    SSpiffy Member

    Yeah, I always keep it reasonable on 93 in AZ.

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  8. That is exactly what you should practice saying to the LEO. It works every time. At what speed did you intend to pass, in a short distance, a vehicle traveling at 80mph?

    Nothing worse than some goober in a truck slowing everyone down. Excellent decision to commit the deed while in a proper passing lane. Speeds in excess of 85mph are a criminal offense in AZ. You wouldn’t want a lane violation tacked onto that. Did you use your turn signals?
  9. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I'm a bit juvenile at heart, but I've always found the top speed of every vehicle I've ever owned. My Clarity appears regulated to 100mph. I did get mine up to about 103 mph going down a hill. But it simply doesn't permit you to add speed over 100mph. If you can attain that speed (i.e. going down a steep hill) that works, but you can no longer continue to accelerate at or above 100. It won't let you.

    I don't actually consider 100 that fast in a new or newer vehicle with good tires. I often travel the rural west at 80mph and don't think much about it. Think long straight highways in the desert without other traffic.
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  10. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    Thank you. This is a very valuable piece of information indeed, especially if it could somehow be passed to the many BMWs, Mercedes, Porsches and the ilk passing me like flies buzzing by mi side while I was going at 85 after I returned to the right lane. Lots of criminals out there... Contrary to the impression I might have given you, I'm no speeder, otherwise I won't have chickened up when I saw the speed I reached... And yes, I always use my turn signals. The LKAS wouldn't be happy if I didn't...
  11. What is the posted speed limit or maximum speed in the area where you were driving at 85mph? I’m certain that your answer will confirm that you are a speeder. Almost everyone exceeds the posted limits. By definition that makes us speeders.

    Is it your understanding of speeding that only those traveling faster than you are speeding?

    On highways and interstates we’re typically given a cushion of up to 10mph above the posted limits before we garner the attention of LEO’s. If you were truly “afraid of the cops” you’d keep your speed within that 10mph range.

    Other drivers understanding, or lack there of, of the laws under which they are licensed to drive is irrelevant. You seem more concerned about what others are doing than what you are doing.
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  13. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    Yeah, I think you're right. I'll take it as a sign from above to stay out of trouble, and also to take care of the log in my eye before judging anyone else. Thanks for the chastising, I deserved it.
  14. The questions I asked were intended to elicit answers that might help me understand how someone driving 85mph, in a yet to be revealed speed zone (pretty sure it’s 65mph), would not consider that they are a speeder.

    Perhaps we define speeding in different ways, which is why I asked about your understanding of speeding. Without answers, I’m left to speculate and jump to conclusions. That said, no answers and deflection often provide a great deal of insight.
  15. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    You may believe whatever you want, which is what you are going to do anyways. I don't see why do I need to give answers to questions embedded in sarcasm, and even more sarcasm in response to apology. That also provides a great deal of insight. Have a good life.
  16. It certainly sounds like you’re going to believe whatever you want. I change what I believe as I acquire information and gain knowledge. In attempting to understand your perceptions, I’ve been left in a vacuum of information due to your resistance to provide additional data.

    There was no reason for you to offer an apology, unless you wanted to apologize for not answering questions. Saying, “Yeah, I think you’re right”, or “Thanks for the chastising, I deserved it”, are not apologies. Any sarcasm that you may have perceived was not in response to an apology.

    Safe travels.
  17. SSpiffy

    SSpiffy Member

    More info gathered on my way home from the F1 race.

    Sport, Econ, or Normal makes no difference except how the car responds to throttle input. 100 mph.

    EV with max HV Charge level to start is a bit different. In Sport, it wants to kick on the ICE. In Normal and Econ, it's easier to keep the ICE off. But in all three modes it gets to 99 and the ICE kicks in. No matter how gently you accelerate, at 99 it comes on.

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  18. This is embarrassing. I never would have bought the car had I known this beforehand. I’ll officially be selling it next summer or fall. At least we know to exercise caution when attempting to pass another vehicle that is traveling 90mph or more. Thanks for the heads up.

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