Fossil Fuel profits need to be banned permanently.

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Take away the subsidies (same as eliminating the profits) then create code and enforce the code that taxes/confiscates any apparent profit away. Enforce it vigorously with enhanced criminal and civil fines for attempts to get around it. May only be able to apply it to domestic producers initially and they may try to expat but check them with the anticipated returns (in capital and plant stock confiscation) on their way out and bar them permanently from the US market thereafter on all products. Have to differentiate petrol chemical and materials but can easily spot attempts to manipulate this.

    This is a lot stronger than just banning petrol vehicles or playing games with tariffs or a carbon tax, but add those carbon tax and tariffs as well. Some of this type of stuff was done under Carter I believe because it was understood the embargo was something like a coup on the US by TES or something like that. Call all of this anti exploitation laws. Make them permanent and then finally criminalize fossil fuels all together. The can go ahead and produce it but it will always be deeply in the red. A good time to start this is at the next down turn which will be causes by petrol of course. Can't wait to see the instant retroactive reversal of everything the Trump admin has done to try to prop up petrol- US needs to do whatever is necessary to get this done including removing his SC appointees and rolling back every executive order and sponsored law his regime put out including the anti neutrality stuff. And we need to find steps to ensure the industry can never ever again hold the US state hostage or push its backwards suicidal agenda again through another US admin.
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