Fossil fuel companies need to be ejected from S&P 500

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Feb 28, 2020.

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    Fossil fuel companies have gone from 25% of the S&P 500 to something like 5% of the S&P 500 and its been losses all the way. They are not safe investments but pure junk. They need to be ejected. Black Rock as the largest direct funder of fossil fuels has started down a path of ejecting them so that is a start, at least that is the PR.

    Thinking of how Berkshire Hathaway hasn't been doing all that good lately and its not just because Warren and Charlie are getting too old to continue to work. BH investing looks like fossil fuel kleptocracy filtered through banks. Holding the companies that help socialize the endless ever increasing fossil fuel losses must have been more profitable than holding the loss makers themselves directly by name. Profiting from helping fossil fuels bilk the public. BH holds as its top 10 investments primarily banks that failed in 08 over fossil fuel derivatives and have doubled down on them. Draw a line through BH's investments. Some examples include NRG- natural gas which talked big about going green but messed up Nevada to prevent the real green shift that was happening. The fossil fuel industry doesn't want Nevada and Arizona's solar assets utilized- they could easily replace all power and fule in the country. BH invested in BYD but notice after that happened BYD got rid of solar panels on their buses or halted the introduction where the buses could run pretty much all day on solar on the bus roof tops and they've since added incredibly stupid hydrogen as if there were a surplus green market and not a surplus fossil fuel stranded issue. Also the GEICO investment, where GEICO rigged the work comp system in CA and funneled it all into GEICO which surely is a front just like the rest of the insurance scam industry for socializing massive amounts of fossil fuel losses. Invests in Coke and Sees candy, well that is more corn syrup (fossil fuel GMO mono crop) glyphosate, caffeine addicting human micro biome sugared sup drug pushing that helps drive the epidemic of cancer, heart attack, stroke diabetes and sells tons of fossil fuel derived plastics (to pollute fish and birds and ocean ecology with poisons) and drives the sale of countless tons of fossil derived drugs that don't work. Top ten investments are the banks (holdings companies for fossil fuel derivatives which insure bad debt loans to stupid obvious stranded asset fossil fuel Ponzi schemes) its a whose who of who crashed the economy last time and didn't go to jail for fear of crashing the too big to fail Ponzi scheme while the principal Madoffs types were still alive. Is this the wrong take on this stuff? USA fraud Inc. ?

    When Bernie gets a hold of the tax code hoping he wipes out the foundation and trust supports in the law so these Ponzi masters that have undermined everything can be shook loose sooner so they can finish out their lives in prison so we can better dissuade their example. BH was supposed to be about value investing where the underlying asset book value if it went bankrupt could at least support the share price in some way, where there was an inherent value in the stock as an asset and where there were motes and real contribution to society or at least real demand based on something other than artificially cultivated scarcity and detrimental market manipulations. Where is the value in investing BofA and people who tried to blame the poor for predatory lending practices while they bought blind fossil fuel derivatives that crashed the global economy and then doubled down on it and paid huge bonuses for it.

    Gates buys a Porches because wink wink he thinks VW will work to slow down the transition to green. When we think of the social utility of these billionaires what is it? How constructive were they. I'd give Buffet a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 and give Gates a 2 (at least he did Xbox.) I'd give Musk an 10 because while he is simply human at least his intents are right and he is apparently using money in a way that isn't on the parasite end of the scale. People like Musk make it possible for people like Gates and Buffet to have any money because the superfluous parasite class holds up people like Musk as loss leaders. There are people who abuse the power inherent in money and just tax policy jails them for decades not the least because their parasitic intentional acts are the engines behind 'blue collar' violent crime and there are people who try do the good which provides some shade which parasitism attempts to hide in.

    Any firm on the S&P 500 needs to have a total carbon exposure indicator (that is rock solid) past, present and future and that indicator needs to be the highest weighted ranking element. Anything over 5% exposure really needs to be ejected. And in short order nothing above 0% should be acceptable.

    If we took every cent over 50 million $$ from everyone on this planet, converted it to cash and burned it and told everyone look 50 million is a ceiling anything over it will be taxed away would that be a problem? I don't think it would, what these people want is control over other people through money and that has to be denied them at pretty much any cost.
    There couldn't be a worse fate for humanity that idiot rule by wealth. Attempts to take us in this direction have to be recognized as absolute wrong doing and treated as such unless people want to be converted into trinkets and treated like soilent green.

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