Fossil fuel captured media.

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    Notice how this article understates the Sono Motors solar range contribution by more than 50%- you could get 7521 miles a year in free range and then cites the Trump admin's attempt through obvious lies to force more fossil fuel rent seeking on the population. Notice how it tries to spin Musk and Tesla failing to note that they apparently tried hard to add solar to the Model 3. It is odd that Musk down played it before the US state governors and that Musk has slacked a bit on the absolute superiority of roof top solar and true decentralization presumably realizing that leveraging the green form of rent seeking for a quicker kill on fossil fuel rent seeking is worth it. But the real issue is rent seeking which is a different proposition than one imposed by the old and very young on everyone else. The difference is the rent seeking is not justifiable and has in the fossil case incurred 5-7 decades of the kind of real debt owed by the rent seekers that is non dischargeable and where the need for full payment with interest on the lost opportunity cost becomes immediate, and where self driving puts the pin in that denial balloon. It may be that fossil fuel oligarchs are in actual terms public enemy #1 but if so their status appears to be realized by the public shortly along with the damage they done and the bill owed payable immediately.

    If you're paying attention to the impeachment going forward which seems pretty certain to succeed with bigger ramifications than the Nixon impeachment note a few patterns.

    1. Besides the Ukraine calls being buried in a highest security server so also were the calls to the other two of the globes 3 biggest fossil fuel producers including Saudi Arabia and Russia which together have the largest chunk of fossil fuel production. My guess is we can be pretty sure all the dealings have to do with fossil fuels and trying to resist getting rid of this obsolete rent seeking oppression- and surely it has to be understood by every thinking American that there nothing good that comes from keeping that going and that its economically all Americans.

    2. Apparently bribers (so-called donors or sponsors) of the DNC will pull their money from the DNC if the public chooses Warren over Biden- and this where their money should buy them nothing but prison terms what in the hell does bribery have to do with just elections that don't turn people into property- that idea that sponsored bribery based media must be able to make profit from this bribe taking censorship and that justifies it is beyond idiotic! Just guessing these bribe takers are making threats because Warren is less of a sell out on fossil fuel rent seeking than Biden but she is waffling on medicare for all (single payer) suggesting they are getting to her on continuing to use health care through insurance funds (that constantly buy fossil fuel stocks) to socialize endless fossil fuel losses with useless health care insurance funds under the excuse of keeping capital from rotting and the excuse of hedging deflation with artificial scarcity by actually diverting to fossil fuel rent seeking. Remember Chomsky has said there would be no federal deficit if we had single payer. Does Chomsky say that because he knows it would just down a huge chunk of fossil fuel transfer payments to fraudulent funds that jack up rates and drop services. The average American can look around and see the infrastructure deteriorating and education not being paid for and all this fee payer BS but their taxes are higher, but taxes are much lower on the rent seeking rich. But look at Bernie waffle over Venezuela. The DNC is another sponsored (worthless) organization just like sponsored media. And then there is Yang. Yang should be talking about high indexed guaranteed cradle to grave replacement incomes but is instead waffling on toe in the door subsistence trap level stuff that panders to idiotic "dignity in work" groveling or more fake work under the rule of self appointed babysitter non-contributing whip cracker rent seekers that rent seek all the time and energy out of people's live to keep them down.

    3. One of the charges Borris Johnson threw at Corbyn when Corbyn called for Johnson's immediate resignation was that Corbyn was going away from useless unjustified rent seeking by pushing a 4 day work week. This would be extending the franchise of the useless leisure class in the direction of everyone, oh no a special members of the leisure class might be forced to get a fake job in the face of automation.

    Rent seeking r>g style is under attack from all angles.

    As we've heard those who trade liberty for security deserve neither

    One great thing about Tesla is it doesn't do quid pro quo ads to fund bribery based sponsored media, it is not involved in the paid lie industry that strips us of rights and tries to turn us into property by selling out or political process.

    The press tries to call fossil fuel companies 'energy companies' they aren't energy companies but rent extraction scams that attempt to push obsolete otherwise stranded incredibly inherently inefficient tech as means to get at ill-gotten subsidy backed 'profit" from harming others. Notice the Bidens are caught up in that too which should discredit and disqualify them. But this 'energy' company stuff is pure talking point BS. Started to see that only criminals need talking points, and it always when they are trying to push some lie as a means to injustice and to shut down debate and inquiry.

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