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Discussion in 'Formula E' started by Domenick, Dec 4, 2017.

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  1. The 4th Formula E season kicked off in Hong Kong on the weekend with two races, one Saturday, one Sunday. While I've enjoyed watching the series previously, I have to say if this weekend was any indication, this season is going to be pretty epic.

    Check out these videos: Highlights from Saturday's race, Rosenqvist's wild pole lap, and Sunday's race highlights. All very watchable.

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  3. If you're one of those who just watches racing for the crashes, here ya go!

  4. Formula E folks are killing it with these videos. Check out this one of strictly in-car footage of action over the entire weekend.

  5. Ok, these two videos are called "extended highlights," but at 45 minutes or so each, it seems to be pretty much the entire two Hong Kong contests. (I've started watching the first, and it seems pretty contiguous. And very enjoyable. Love the sound: tires and electric motors, mostly.)

    So, if you missed your chance to watch it live, definitely check these out.

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