Forgetting to unplug before starting the car

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by bulls96, Aug 18, 2018.

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  1. bulls96

    bulls96 Member

    Running into this error whenever I try to start the car and forget to remove the plug.

    The icon with the steering wheel and "!" shows up on the top right.

    It seems to make the car time out. And it won't run or start for a few minutes.

    Is there any quick way out of it?

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  3. Candice

    Candice Active Member

    I have done this also, sometimes on purpose to see how many miles I am up to. The screen says to press the brake and push the on button but that does not work. I have to turn the car off, unplug and then turn it back on while pressing the brake.
  4. bulls96

    bulls96 Member

    How do u turn the car off? It does not respond to anything after that initial attempt to start the car.

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  5. Candice

    Candice Active Member

    I am able to to push the on/off button to shut off the car. However, I usually have already tried to push the on/off button and pressed the brake a few times so maybe there is a combination that will work for you.

    The first time it happened, I did what the screen told me and hit the button and the brake and I probably did it once or twice. So maybe try holding the brake and pressing the button, then just pressing the button and seeing if it will turn off.
  6. bulls96

    bulls96 Member

    Finally got it figured out.

    The key is not to follow the screen.

    Turn off the engine by pressing the button WITHOUT stepping on the break.

    Then you can restart.

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  8. Akinto

    Akinto Member

    I had the same problem at a public charger 30 minutes east of the cottage where we were staying and 25 minutes southwest of the nearest Honda dealer. Honda Assist had no idea what to do, nor did the service manager at the Honda dealer. So they were trying to organza a flatbed tow truck and a loaner. A kind member of the Clarity Facebook group told me to ignore the dashboard directions and simply press the power button. Voila!
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  9. neal adkins

    neal adkins Active Member

    Just like many other electronic devices, power off and restart. I have also had to do this a few times.
  10. bulls96

    bulls96 Member

    Wow thankfully I didn't reach that point. That's a whole Lotta trouble it sounds like. Glad it's all fixed!

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